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With one thing and another...

During our little distractions from work, we found out that the WB's website has a "How geeky are you?" quiz. So of course we took it, and surprise surprise, we are extremely geeky. It was actually a pretty fun quiz, and I felt pretty smart until they gave us the results and said we needed to get out more and girls won't like us.

We're allllllmost done with volume one of the insane series, which might get to be the Crazy Series soon, rumor has it, but maybe Insaaaaaaaane Series is better. I'm gonna have to remember how many A's are in that. And then we get to turn it in and work on +ANIMA, and hopefully order will be restored. At the very least, I don't think my back will hurt as much. (Why does intense translating hurt my back?)

We really do like this series, though. I'm even thinking about writing a fan letter to the author. It's just harder than Fruits Basket, is all. Oh, but they just changed shipping rates... Hm. We're gonna have to buy more stamps.

Tonight I'm thankful for free time, indoor plumbing, creative problem solving, cotton candy, and vocal chords.
Tags: nosatsu junkie, translating

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