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Alethea & Athena
The busiest of busy weeks 
26th-Sep-2017 10:10 pm
kid flash
No time to post about Japan today. We finished our translation of Say I Love You., but we were already a little iffy on whether or not we could finish our next book by its deadline (about 8pm on Thursday), and then there were other plans coming along, like visiting teaching and certain people wanting to go to Disneyland. We must spend all our time working! (And when we get the next book done, we have another one due Monday that we haven't started. Yippee!)

Today I'm thankful for feeling like it might be possible to finish everything (close to) on time, our new printer arriving today (no time to set it up though), our new monitor being scheduled to arrive tomorrow (our current one is about ten years old, and these days it likes to bring up the settings menu for no apparent reason, and leave it there, blocking everything; we think this is its way of telling us it would like to retire), Page being super cute right now, and it being almost time to go sleep.
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