Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

Review-less Rednesday

Well, I said to tune in this week for our review of Kigurumi Guardians, and I really meant to post that review. I thought I prepared for it by emailing myself the review for this week and next week, so we'd still have access to them while in Japan, but apparently the email never actually got sent (sometimes the Windows Mail app does a cute little thing where it doesn't actually send the emails), so we are reviewless. I'm very sorry to anyone who may have been looking forward to it, and I promise we'll get back to a regular review schedule upon our return. And if I happen to come across those reviews in email (it's possible I missed something), then I will post them forthwith.

Today I'm thankful for making it safely to Japan, finding our hotel, hearing from one of our associates after all, all of our luggage making it to us intact, and having some fun plans ahead of us.

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