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Alethea & Athena
Golden opportunity 
9th-Sep-2017 05:03 pm
I actually have time to update LiveJournal today! But I'm torn about it, because sometimes I worry that if I write a new post before people have had a chance to read the previous posts, they won't read the previous posts, and I want people to read yesterday's post, so maybe I'll just make this a short post to say, "go read that post!"

Or I could post something that I want people to read even more! But I actually want people to read this in conjunction with yesterday's post, so maybe it's best that I do it today, so they'll be right next to each other (at least on my journal). I want to be sneaky about it, though, so make sure you're paying attention.

See, there's a story from Anime Expo that I left out of my report. After we finished at the Miyu Irino panel, we tried to get in to the Sailor Moon Day panel, but since we were at a panel instead of camping out, there was a line to get into the standby line, so we were like, "Yeeeeah, that's not gonna happen." We went to the industry lounge and read the latest chapter of UQ Holder! instead (and it was super adorable; the one where Negi confessed his love). By the time we were done with that, we didn't know what else to do, so we decided to go back to the Sailor Moon Day panel area and wait for our friend Cecille to get out, to see if she could tell us about any exciting news they may have announced.

Eventually we spotted her, which was good, because even though we were texting her to let her know we were there, she had just bought a new phone and didn't really know who it was that was texting her. It's okay; it all worked out. And then we asked her how the panel was. She said it was okay, nothing really exciting to report. She was hoping there would be some news about the next installment of Sailor Moon Crystal, but they just talked about the Infinity Arc some more. We asked her if they said anything about the manga. She said oh yeah, they did mention a new edition of that, but they didn't say whether or not there would be a new translation. (She follows the Sailor Moon fan on the internet who was the most outspoken about not liking the current edition.)

We told her that we had it on good authority that there would be a new translation, expressed our hope that people like it, and letting her know that we think it's pretty good. Of course, we're biased. She was still mostly smiling and nodding at this point, and in her defense, I guess it's not really common knowledge that just being behind the scenes in the manga industry doesn't give you access to everyone's translations. So we came out and explained how we'd come to see these particular translations, by saying, "We're translating the new version." And then she got all excited, and we all rejoiced in the happy news of our translating Sailor Moon.

And I really just...I think our feelings on the whole matter are beyond words. I probably also went into the whole thing in detail in our review of Eternal Edition volume one. But I think I can give you an overview here and it won't be too redundant when I post that review in January or February. Sailor Moon is the series that got us into anime and manga to begin with. It basically changed the whole course of our lives. And now here we are, translating it! ...It's actually kind of weird, when I think about it. We would never have learned about Sailor Moon to begin with if someone else hadn't already translated it, so why should we have to translate it now? Well, we don't have to, but we're very grateful that we get to! And of course, we're doing our best to make it the best translation possible. As I said earlier, we think it's pretty good. So we hope everybody else likes it, too!

I can also tell you that Kodansha USA is providing free samples of the new translation as part of the Halloween ComicFest, which is like Free Comic Book Day, only in October. It will come paired with a sample of the new edition of Battle Angel Alita, so you'll know what to look for. And then you can see for yourself if the new translation will be worth it! (If you don't care about translation quality, we will add, as far as buying the Eternal Edition goes, there will be several pages that were in color when the original chapters were published in Nakayoshi 25 years ago, but have not been published in color since! (Except for the Japanese version of this edition.))

Today I'm very very thankful for the opportunity we've been given to translate Sailor Moon, the opportunity coming at a time when we feel like our skills are up to the task (okay, so we always would have felt that way, but we've definitely improved, so I can say it with more certainty), Baked Ruffles being on sale, the yummy strawberry donuts we had for lunch, and being caught up on review writing again.
12th-Sep-2017 03:28 am (UTC)
(oops I started reading this entry but saw the part about you wanting us to read it along with the previous one, so I went and read that one first and forgot to come back to this one until today...)

Woohoo!!!! Nice sneaking the announcement in there :D (also I'm laughing at the idea that being part of the industry means we're just reading all the things before they're published... I'm sure it was just that you were so subtle and she didn't have time to stop to think it through :) ) Y'all reading this, the translation is GREAT. I'm not biased—okay, I'm not as biased, but it's seriously really good and lots of fun!! Way worth buying again even if you've already bought the whole series twice or more before. The colour pages are gorgeous, too!!

And yeah... it is so weird to think about being involved in the new publication of such a life-altering series. (who and where would I even be right now...?!) I can't wait to see the books in print!!!
12th-Sep-2017 03:47 am (UTC)
Yes! And we noticed some spots in the previous edition where the lettering could definitely have been improved, and we're sure even the ones we didn't notice are better than before! Our editor wants this to be the definitive edition of Sailor Moon, so we're all working hard to make it the best it can be!

Yeah, it's like, "How can I be making this thing? This thing is already made." And yet here we are. Oh, but it's so exciting!
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