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Another day

Well, yesterday was another day at Disneyland. And today was another day. We did laundry and watched anime. We probably should have gotten more work done, but it just wasn't happening. Our schedule's starting to look kind of scary. Aw, who am I kidding? It was scary before the surprise rush project. (It's not really a rush project. Only it is, because of the rest of our schedule. Everything is a rush project right now.)

I think there are only two major things worth noting about yesterday. First, since it was Gaston's birthday, we decided to eat at the Carthay Circle. We had our usual pasta with chicken on the side, but we didn't impress the seriousness of our pickiness on the waiter this time, so it wasn't quite as awesome as last time--they had to season everything with something green. Blegh.

But! that's okay, because the desserts they had this time were also amazing. Alice didn't come along, so we were worried about our usual strategy of ordering one dessert each and passing them all around, but there were only three desserts this time, so it worked out. Only we didn't share much of the peach blueberry pie. In fact, we let Gaston eat all of it, because we were too full to deal with fruit pies (already a pretty high hurdle). But! the pie had a scoop of peach gelato which was seriously amazing. Like...amazing. That's the only way to describe it. It was like eating a real peach, only instead of the gross texture of fruit, it was ice cream (or gelato, if you're going to be picky about it).

There was also a rocky road brownie, which was the easiest to split. It was covered in chocolate sauce and very chocolaty and delicious. The only problem I had with it is it had almonds in it, which are not so great when you're wearing braces. But they were cooked almonds, so they were a little tiny bit softer.

Finally, there was the cookies & cream ice cream sandwich, which was basically a fancy macaron with cookies & cream ice cream for a filling, and half of it was dipped in chocolate. It was pretty small for a dessert at that price, so there was also a streak of crushed chocolate cookie, and a couple of little crouton-looking things that were actually chocolate. They didn't taste as good as they looked, though, because there seemed to be some kind of cheese flavoring in it (Gaston said it was probably the liqueur or something), but the house-made ice cream was really good, and so was the chocolate that the sandwich was dipped in. And the cookies. Yummy.

The other thing worth mentioning...may not be so worth mentioning. We found ourselves in the Disneyana store to get out of the heat, and while we were looking at all the sketches of Disney characters that were for sale, we got to talking with the artist who was there sketching them. It was mostly just small talk, though. We found out she likes to try to design sketches of the more obscure characters (which then need approval from Florida before she can draw any to sell), so we were like, "Oh, you want obscure characters, eh?" We get snooty like that. She turned out to be easily stumped, though, because I thought hey, maybe if we could get her to draw characters from Hercules: The Animated Series, we could generate some demand and maybe get a DVD release. So when we went back to buy the sketches Gaston wanted for his kitchen (one of Remi from Ratatouille and one of Kronk running to rescue his spinach puffs), I asked her if she'd seen the series. She hadn't even seen the movie. But apparently it's about to go up on Netflix, so maybe she'll see it soon.

But the story has a happy ending, because the Kronk we got for Gaston (we offered to buy one, since it was his birthday, and we didn't want to pay for the Pixar one) was the very first one she drew after getting approval, so she was happy to sell her first copy of that design, and Gaston was happy to get a first edition. And the other two cast members at Disneyana that shift both remembered Hercules: The Animated Series, so we were all happy.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try more amazing desserts at the Carthay Circle (we really should just go there for desserts sometimes), getting at least a little bit of work done, getting to watch some of the latest season of My Little Pony, reminders to watch some great Disney movies, and being slightly more caught up on anime.
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