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A day of reviews

This is a week of uncertainty. We know that Gaston wants to go to Disneyland for his birthday (which is today), but we don't know exactly when. Could be tomorrow, could be Wednesday. Could be Thursday or Friday. It's only especially annoying because the vet wanted to have a followup exam on Page this week, and we currently have it schedule for Wednesday, but we don't know if we can make it. Why don't we just call Gaston and ask, you say? ...I'm sure I couldn't tell you. I think it's because, since his birthday is today, it seems like we should be getting a phone call from him any minute, so why call him? Because you need the information? ...Let's just wait a little longer. (Athena says she's not sure we'd necessarily get it, either, and this is a fair point. Sometimes he calls and says, "So I'm thinking of going to Disneyland tonight, but I haven't decided if I want to make the drive or not," and by the time the conversation is over, no conclusion has been reached. In light of that, and the fact that to call Gaston, we must be prepared for the call to last an hour or so if necessary, we'd rather just wait for him to call us.)

In the meantime, today we started work on Land of the Lustrous. First drafts of that series usually go pretty quickly, and this one was no exception, which means! we finally had time to write the three reviews that we hadn't written yet. I'm really glad we got to that before our vacation.

So in the spirit of writing up reviews, let's talk about Apollo and Hades.

Now that we've finished dating the four new KamiAso IF characters, it's time to go back and date all of the original characters! Actually, I think they designed it with the idea that you might want to alternate--for example, date Dionysus, then Apollo and Hades, then Akira, then Tsukito and Takeru, etc.--because when you go after just one guy, there's a lot a lot a lot of alone time with that guy, so it gets to be pretty lonely if you like character interaction. But then! when you date the original characters, instead of having four separate stories for each of them, you start out with, for example "Greek mythology," and you're hanging out with Hades and Apollo. ...But thinking about it, there are some pretty long scenes that Yui spends with each of them individually... Still, there's more character interaction, and that's the important thing!

But let's start from the beginning. First, you have to choose the path that's not going to take you to any of the new guys. From there, you skip several months, and Zeus has called everyone to his office to announce that they've basically all qualified for graduation, so now they just have to hang out until the year's over or something. All the gods are still wearing their fetters, which indicates that maybe they didn't officially pass the class but that they're close? I don't remember exactly, but I seem to remember him saying they've met all the criteria. The point is, the fetters are still on, but their power is weak, so if a god gets to excited or something, he might revert to his divine form (a concept that was demonstrated by Loki and Takeru, who were both ecstatic to be graduating; they didn't get in trouble for it this time).

But! there's danger here! Because now that they're all basically graduated already, nobody sees the need to study anymore, and they say as much to Thoth, who's like, "Fine, if you don't want me to teach you, I'll just leave." Yui was worried that all of their progress will go backwards, so she desperately tries to convince everyone to stay in class, finally appealing to...I think it was Apollo, who said well, now that they've learned about humans, maybe it would be nice to learn about gods. And guys like Loki were like, "What are you talking about? We already know all about ourselves!" But somebody pointed out that they could learn about other mythologies, or about how the humans feel about them. Everybody seemed to like that idea, so then it became a contest to see which mythology Yui would learn about.

I remember this part being super cute, so let's see... Hades was against Yui studying with them, but Apollo wouldn't take no for an answer. Dionysus was like, "Cool, you guys have fun with that," and Yui was like, "You're not going to help?" and he's like, "I prefer to take more of a 'supportive' role." I don't remember what the Japanese gods said (Sorry, Tsukito!), and...I don't remember the Norse gods, either, just that Thor was just going to keep an eye on Loki or something. The important part, of course, is the Egyptian gods. Anubis was like, "Come learn with me, Yui! I'll teach you all about mummies!" And Thoth was like, "Don't be stupid. There's more to our mythology than mummies." And it was especially funny, because mummies really are the main thing you think about when you think of Egyptian mythology (sorry, Egypt), so Anubis was like, "Oh yeah... But I don't really know about any of that stuff (he's the god of death, so it stands to reason), can teach her all the hard stuff, and I'll teach her all the fun stuff!" And Thoth was like, "......"

We decided to go in order and picked Greek mythology. It still took some convincing to get Hades to come along, but eventually Yui, Apollo, and Hades made their way to the library for a strategy meeting. Yui had no idea what to do, and Hades was still like whatever, so she was relieved to see that Apollo was taking the lead on everything...until he said, "So what should we do?" Well, in that case, the first step was to start doing research, so they went to the Greek mythology section...and discovered that every single book with any reference to Greek mythology had already been checked out. The rushed over to the circulation desk to see who had all the books, so they could maybe borrow them from that person, and when they saw who it was, Apollo was like, "Wow, I had no idea Loki-Loki was so interested in our mythology!" (That may not have been his exact reaction, but it was something optimistic like that.)

Of course we all know that Loki had no interest in Greek mythology; he was just being his usual trickster self. So they ran off to find him, and there he was in the quad! Yui rushes over to talk to him...and immediately succumbs to a pitfall. Oh, that Loki. He sure is sneaky. Fortunately, this is a love sim, so she was romantically rescued by Apollo. Loki was bummed out about it. He was all, "Come on, I put pillows on the bottom to make sure she didn't die!" He knew all along that they would come after him for the books, and was looking forward to all the traps they would set off. Now it's Hades turn to be impressive, and he scolds Loki into handing over the books. ("Are you that pathetic that you think you need to play tricks like this in order to do better than us? (apparently there's some kind of a competition? I don't remember exactly) That's okay; we don't need the books. We'll do just fine without them.")

So Loki runs off to return the books to the library, and meanwhile Hades says, "This is why I didn't want to be a part of this. Now you're suffering this bad luck, all because of me!" And we were like, "Nnnooo, it's because of Loki..." But you know how it is with people. But Apollo and Yui convince him that they can overcome the bad luck together! And Hades actually manages to have hope for a few minutes, during which time he agrees to be a part of this project.

They all go back to the library, and Yui stands on a rickety old crate in an attempt to reach a book--what could possibly go wrong? she thinks to herself, with Hades standing right next to her. Of course the box collapses, and now it's Hades turn for a romantic rescue. He's like, "See? I knew I'd be bad luck!" And Yui's like, "Nuh-uh!" And Apollo walks up and is all, "Whatcha doin'?" all jealous and stuff, but they explain, and he's like, "Okay, cool," and it's all good and Yui agrees to ask a tall person next time she needs help reaching a book.

After school the next day, Yui goes off to find Hades so she can bring him to their study group. She finds him very studiously working over a flowerbed. She calls out to him a few times, but he's so engrossed in his work that he doesn't notice, and when she finally gets in his face, he freaks out a little. He's showing his cute side by helping all the flowers that were damaged by the windstorm they'd had the previous night. So we get a cute scene with him and Yui helping all the flowers.

And then they realize, "Oh no, we were supposed to meet up with Apollo, like, three hours ago!" I don't know how late they were, but I got the impression it was ridiculously late, and I was like, "Yeah, that was kind of a jerk move." So they split up to find Apollo, and Yui sees a familiar golden gleam, sulking in the distance. She runs up and shes all, "Apollo!" and he's all, "Ssssiiiiiigh..." So she very apologetically explains what happens and he's like, "Yeah, I know. I saw you. You just looked like you were having so much fun, I didn't want to get in the way." And she was like, "Yeah, I know how that is. When I was little, I got jealous of my brothers' friends for stealing their attention too, so I'm sorry for stealing your uncle." And he's like, "I wasn't jealous of you..." And then Hades showed up, and I think they agreed to be more considerate of each other's time or something?

Anyway, off they went to study, but before they got there, they realized they were all starving, so they stopped by the student store for some food. Apollo had heard of this human thing where they buy food and then they just open it up and eat it while they're on their way to wherever they're going. This is bad manners in Japan, but Apollo seems so excited to try it that Yui decides to humor him anyway, and they all open up their various snack breads. Of course this leads to Apollo seeing everyone else's bread and wanting to try it, so Yui breaks off a piece of hers to hand to him, but he eats it right out of her fingers! And then Apollo decides that they should all feed each other, like the whole, "Ahhh♥" thing.

And the reason this is significant is that this is where we get an adorable Yui/Hades/Apollo still, and even more importantly, some music started playing, and we thought, "It's a song!" Based on the style of the music, we figured it was probably a Hades song, but then! the vocals started, and it was Apollo! What! But then! Hades started singing! What!? It's a duet!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Be still my fangirl heart! It was too great. And they harmonized and everything. And the best part of it is, we already have the CD. (We haven't listened to it, or even looked at the track list, because we wanted to play the game first. Later, Athena pulled out the bubble-wrapped stack from CD Japan and confirmed that each CD has one duet, and one drama, and karaoke.)

Of course, it felt a little early to already have a song with vocals, but this had to be the case, because as soon as they got to the library, Apollo and Hades were like, "Okay, Yui. Choose who you want to study with." And the Thread of Fate showed up, and it was time to choose between Apollo and Hades. (And Athena was just struck with the dreadful thought of having to tell Anubis that she'd rather study with Thoth.) We decided to go with Apollo first, so that's what we chose.

And then it was time for the next chapter, and we decided to stop, because it was a good stopping point and when you never know when your next chance to play is going to be, it's important to stop at good stopping points. We might see more of Apollo tonight! Or not. We're behind on anime.

Today I'm thankful for finishing all our reviews, getting to work of Land of the Lustrous, getting to play the Greek mythology story in KamiAso IF, the super yummy cupcakes we got at Bread Day yesterday, and KamiAso duets.
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