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We decided to check the TokyoPop website for updates, even though they've already posted the July releases, so they probably won't announce anything new for a while. It's just kind of weird, because we did a series a few months ago that we thought would be released in June, so they would have announced it by now. So, wondering why they keep pushing back release dates for stuff, we checked their jobs page to see if it had any clues. And indeed they are looking for Layout Artists.

So now my theory is that the lack of layout artists makes it difficult for them to release things quickly, even though we know it's not a problem for them to get translations done quickly. But slowing down release schedules means slowing down translation schedules, and that makes it hard for us to pay bills. And, since we have a bunch of artists on our friends list, I thought I'd mention it here.

Anyone who wanted to work there would probably have to move to LA, though. I do think it might be neat if we could move back to LA and be someone's roommates, as long as the cats could come along. Then we would be sooooo much closer to Kinokuniya, Disneyland, and Anime Expo. Oh, that would be so happy...

Happy delusions aside, tonight I'm thankful for being able to eat corn muffins again, the magical powers of the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack (productivity did indeed go up. I wonder if there's a more scientific way to test it), butterscotch syrup, daydreams, and leftover cookies.
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