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More busyness of our own making! It was good this time, though. We went to the temple with a couple of friends from church. It was a little bad, though, because there was a video we hadn't seen, and we just can't help being critics. Just another thing to work on as far as being better people.

After we went to the temple, we went to a nearby place for some pizza, which was pretty tasty, and then we went to Joe's for some Italian ice. Before all that, we worked on Waiting for Spring, and listened to our Kingdom Hearts Orchestra CD, which still makes me so very happy. I have to tell you, the first time we listened to it, it was a day or two after we saw the new Fantasmic, and maybe I was extra emotional, or maybe it's just that good, because it had me in tears a few times, like, "This...*sniffle* so beautiful..." So now every time we listen to it, we're like, "See, Disneyland? Dynamics!"

And after all of that, we watched the latest Tsuredure Children. Seriously, guys, if you aren't watching this show, you are missing out. It's the cutest thing. It's just a bunch of teenage couples being adorably awkward with each other, and it's so relatable and hilarious. At least, I think it's relatable, even though I've never been in anything close to any of those least not the romantic versions? I mean, there's stuff about agonizing over what to say in a text conversation, for example, and I think people do that even if they're not romantically interested in the other person. So go check it out!

Today I'm thankful for the very beautiful weather we had (it was hot, but beautiful), getting to go to the very beautiful temple (I thought about bringing my newly fixed camera so I could take a picture of the outside, but I forgot at just the wrong time), having a lovely evening with friends, making decent progress on Waiting for Spring, and another fun episode of Tsuredure Children.
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