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Alethea & Athena
Highs and lows 
29th-Aug-2017 05:34 pm
Work-wise, today is going pretty well. And not just work, either! I managed to fix my camera! It's a miracle! Did I tell you that story? We were visiting the nephews for Christmas, and I don't remember why, but the subject of my camera came up, and I said it was broken so I had to get a new one. And our clever little nephew said, "Why don't you just fix it?" So I've had it in the back of my mind for a while, but I figured I'd need tools I didn't have. But then I remembered a miniature glasses repair kit I used to carry around in my old hip pack, and even later I remembered to pull it out and try it, and lo and behold, the camera is now fixed. Tadah!

There are some less well things going on, too. Page is steadfastly hiding from us. This is a problem because it means we can't give her her medicine, and she's still making unpleasant messes. We're hoping it's because of the super added stress of the vet visit and vaccines yesterday. On the bright side, she tested negative for giardia, so we're pretty sure she only needs the medicine to help calm things down, and once they're calm everything will be better. On the other hand, since we haven't seen her since we gave her half of her medicine earlier, I'm always a little concerned that she might have crawled off somewhere to die. But overall, I'm feeling like things are probably okay.

The less okay thing is...okay, it's kind of silly, but also extremely aggravating. I think we may have mentioned that Disneyland has been reminding us ad nauseum that Walt Disney once said...Athena wanted me to stop and check. Did you guys know that Walt Disney once said that Disneyland would never be finished as long as there's imagination in the world? We have so many mixed feelings about that, and especially about the fact that they seem to feel the need to keep telling us. First of all, there's the reaction that was best expressed when Gaston found out they were doing a remake of The Little Mermaid: "Well, the good news is Disneyland is almost finished."

The other extremely cynical reaction is that they want us to keep remembering this when they keep dismantling our childhoods and people say, "Hey, why are you ruining this thing that I loved?" I imagine the idea is that people only react badly to the new things because they loved the old things so much and so have a hard time accepting change, but once they give the new things a chance, they'll learn to love those, too. I cannot deny this possibility. In fact, I did not deny this possibility when I wrote up my whole thing about the new Fantasmic.

But I did a silly thing. After letting all of the other ridiculous things slide, like the boring new light parade and the boringness of World of Color and the bad decision to make the old fireworks show so bright that the contrast between the night sky and the fireworks is negligible, and don't get me started on Mickey and the Magical Map... After not complaining about any of these things, I couldn't be silent about the mutilation of Fantasmic (Athena says it was more of a lobotomy). So basically I wrote a short introduction (along the lines of, "I'm bummed about it and I know you can't change it for little old me, but I can't just do nothing, so feel free to ignore this, but let me send it so I can feel like I tried"), then copied and pasted Saturday's post into an email and sent it along.

Today we got a friendly(?) response! And did you know that Walt Disney once said that Disneyland would never be finished as long as there's imagination in the world? (If you didn't, you haven't seen any of the boring shows (Mickey and the Magical Map, World of Color: Celebrate!, and Disneyland Forever) that, interestingly enough, are no longer running, but made it a point to remind us that Walt Disney once said...you get the idea. The especially interesting thing is that two of those shows (and Paint the Night) have been replaced...by older shows. So what's this about imagination?) So I'm annoyed to have it confirmed that it really is their excuse to mess with everything. And the super annoying thing about it is that I wouldn't even mind if they could just do a good job at it! But they can't! ...Okay, they can do a good enough job that a lot of people out there like it. Which is why I have to just resign myself to the fact that my tastes do not match the popular opinion, but that's not the point!

The point is, I'm so annoyed about it that I want to say something again, but I don't know if I should or if it would be a waste of time. Or if it would get us permanently banned from Disneyland (which I might be okay with at this point, as long as the Oriental Land Company still welcomes us). And if I do decide to say something, what should it be? Obviously, I would want to try to be nice... It's just frustrating.

In the meantime, on Saturday we made the mistake of looking at the Amazon reviews for Land of the Lustrous. That was an odd experience, because we've seen people dislike our favorites before, but this time they were actually blaming the dialogue. We had to spend some time reminding ourselves that the one person who specifically said she didn't like the translation was clearly someone who has her own idea of how things should be translated, which is fair, and the person who pointed out examples was more baffled by the use of "wallowing in despair" than the use of "as if you can't see!" (The latter had us puzzled, too, because we can't imagine using a line that clunky. It's likely the punctuation was changed, or he wasn't paying enough attention to know where we really had it. Our version was "As if! Can't you see I'm wallowing in despair?") He said he's never heard anyone say "wallowing in despair," and we were like, "Clearly you've never known any intellectual drama queens. We use it all the time." I mean, have you read my blog? (Okay, maybe I haven't used those words exactly in a while, but I can totally imagine myself using them. It was, in fact, exactly what we wanted to do after we watched Fantasmic last week, and would have done if we didn't have so many deadlines.)

It was just weird because, you know, it's the thing we've convinced ourselves we might be good at. But I think we've sufficiently calmed ourselves on that point. I just wanted to bring it up for some reason that I've forgotten because of this whole Disneyland thing.

Today I'm thankful for finishing two first drafts today, deciding to order pizza (we needed a break, but we can't take a work break, so this is the next best thing), having a working camera again, fun dramatic phrases, and Kigurumi Guardians being on sale now!
30th-Aug-2017 01:34 am (UTC)
Ugh, what! Wallowing in despair is absolutely acceptable language for intellectual drama queens and, I'm sure, for many other average folk as well! I went to Amazon to read the offending review (and man there are a lot of petty things brought up in several of those reviews, not just about the translation. who cares about these people's opinions?!) and then I found the scene they quoted in the book. The official publication has "As if! Can't you see?! I'm wallowing in despair!", so theirs was mis-punctuated. ...Oh!! Actually, a few of the other lines he quoted were out of order, like he figured out the panels go right to left but was still reading the bubbles in the wrong direction. Maybe that would make the dialogue sound a little strained...

(I just left a reply to the review about this because if he really is reading the pages wrong, that's something he should know. I resisted the urge to debate the use of "wallowing" though, since it is a bit more subjective. (but he's still wrong :) ))

I'm glad that you took the time to send Disney your feedback on the disappointment of Fantasmic. I'm sorry that their response missed the point. I don't know if responding again would do any good because my experience with that sort of thing is every time it gets responded to by someone else in the customer response team. But it wouldn't hurt, either, unless the effort just deepens your frustration, or eats up time that could be spent on happier pursuits. Maybe they don't respond in depth to every message, but still keep a record of feedback for these things? Maybe waiting a few months and writing again to say you still find it unsatisfactory would have more impact, since now is when they probably get the most responses from all the other people who don't like change?

On another note: my new Noragami convert is six volumes in, and hooked!! We shared a moment over chipmunk(?)-Yato and Deliciasticks the other day :D I introduced Kigurumi Guardians to another young friend (the one I might've mentioned before who names Waiting For Spring as one of her very favourites) and she loves that one now too!
30th-Aug-2017 01:25 pm (UTC)
I know, right!? It was just silly. (I think the final version is how we had it; the "Can't you see?!" as a separate question is something I decided to change retroactively.) That's a good point, though, if you're reading the bubbles in the wrong order, no wonder it sounds weird. We also noticed that he hasn't figured out how to tell the characters apart, and sometimes knowing exactly who's talking is important, too.

Yeah, I really think Disneyland is just trained to say that to everyone. I don't mind if someone else ends up dealing with our response; I want as many people to know about this as possible. But waiting until we've seen it a few more times is an idea with merit--that way we can say, "Look, I'm pretty sure it's not just a knee-jerk reaction anymore," as well as, "You should have had time to work out the bugs by now." (Of course, they don't have a great track record for that, either. According to Wikipedia, the dragon robot has earned the nickname of Murphy from Murphy's law because it keeps breaking down.) I'm still thinking about it.

Woohoo, more Noragami fans! And Kigurumi Guardians! Aah, so much wonderful manga to share.
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