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Back to the vet

We just can't seem to get any traction anymore. And I don't think we will for a while. Today's diversion came in the form of a trip to the vet. They'd been emailing us to renew Page's vaccines for a while, and we had been wanting to, but as usual, we had a bunch of other stuff to take care of that distracted us.

Well, then Page got diarrhea. We figured it had to do with stress, and maybe a little tiny bit to do with her ever-changing diet (they discontinued her favorite kind of food and we'd been searching for a suitable replacement, but we thought we'd mostly solved that and so she'd been eating the same thing for a while), but it wasn't going away and Page wasn't using the litter box, and it doesn't take too many times for that to happen before you start to think, "Get this animal to the vet!" Also, there were some signs that she'd gotten a tapeworm again.

And so today, we went to the vet. The doctor was so friendly, he kept telling Page, "You're too sweet." He asked us if we wanted to deal with the one problem or wait to see if it resolved itself, and Athena (who is on litter box duty) was like, "Fix it." So he gave her a dewormer and some other medication, which I only mention because when she refused to open her mouth for the second one, he squirted a little bit on her nose, and that got her to open her mouth. Very clever.

Page has been a champion through it all. She didn't even fight us when we put her in the carrier, which also makes me wonder if that's just how bad it was, but we like to think that she was being a trooper because we explained it all to her beforehand and she was agreeable. Now she seems to be hiding under a bed.

While we were at the vet, our ride got a call from a couple of former missionaries who served in our ward and were visiting again. They were kind enough to wait and wait and wait while we finished at the vet, and then instead of taking us straight home, he saved time by taking us to visit the missionaries, too. Poor Page had to stay in her carrier the whole time. Our home teacher (the driver) has two cats, and I thought it could be neat to introduce them, but we all agreed that if she has something contagious, we don't want to risk infecting them. So Page just waited quietly while our home teacher showed us around his house and we looked at his indoor train set. It was pretty cool, and fortunately for Page it didn't take too long.

Then we came home and as soon as we got through the door, Page started meowing again. She was breathing heavily for a while after we got home from all the stress, and possibly the heat. We're taking her back next week for a followup. Of course, we'll have to coordinate that with Gaston, because it's his birthday next week, and you bet he's going to Disneyland for it. In the meantime, I have a dentist appointment of my own this week.

So the week has already gotten off to a not-so-productive-as-far-as-regular-work start. But on the bright side, we did finish a chapter of Farewell My Dear Cramer and still have time to work on Waiting for Spring!

Today I'm thankful for getting a ride to the vet, friendly veterinarians, really nice vet techs, a not-super-hard chapter of Cramer, and Page being a super good sport about it all.
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