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Say it ain't so!

We missed FHE tonight. Something must have come up, because this time, I did call. Ah well. We were actually happy to stay home, because Jimmy/Timmy 2 was on tonight. But right now I'm too distracted to write a good review. Not that I was planning to review it anyway. I kind of wish it had more Anti-Cosmo. Ah well again.

Teen Titans was awesome yet stupid again. I really wouldn't have a problem with those types of endings if I had any idea when we would see the continuation. And this time it's a little worrisome, because we saw a couple of websites when searching for pictures of Jericho that said something about saving Teen Titans. So I'm not sure if there even will be a next episode! And I did make sure to look it up at the TV Guide website... though I haven't checked yet...

We had to stop working on the series we're working on today (just today), which may have now stolen the title of the Crazy Series. It's been a while since translating made my brain hurt... or it's been a week. I can't quite remember. I think tomorrow we'll see if the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack will work its magic again.

Aaaaand I just checked and it's not looking good for Teen Titans. That's a terrible, terrible way to end a series! See, when we looked it up, it listed the first episode, and the last episode. We thought, "Maybe last means most recent?" so we checked Danny Phantom, since we know it's still going on, and the very first thing it lists is "Next Episode." Maybe because it's going to have a new episode on the 27th and Teen Titans won't until like March? If this has anything to do with Ben 10...



Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for the entertaining-ness of anti-fairies, the TimPod at Butch Hartman's website, musicals, Chip Skylark, and challenging manga.
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