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First Love Monster, volume 7

As you probably guessed from our lack of posting yesterday, we went to Disneyland. We saw the new Fantasmic!, and it made me cry tears of sadness and frustration. I really miss my beloved original Fantasmic!. And I will tell you all about it! ...Tomorrow. Because today! is Review Rednesday!

This week we bring you our review of First Love Monster volume 7! Wow, we turned this in so long ago, I don't even remember what happened! ...But I guess that's not very unusual. Spoiler level: moderate.

We just finished our first translation of 2017, and it's First Love Monster! It's actually not the first translation we started, but there were some complications that put the first one on hold. But since it is First Love Monster, I guess it's fair.

This volume was way better than the last few volumes for a few reasons, not the least of which being that it was significantly shorter. It feels like a regular-length volume of manga, but that's because the paper is so thick...but that only goes for the Japanese version. It will be a while yet before the English version exists. ...I actually don't have any idea what the American release schedule is like for this one. Hm.

Anyway, the fact that it was better isn't really to say that anything happened much. Kanade saw Kaho and Atsushi kissing, then he ran away, then they angsted and philosophized about him running away, and then he came back with a new character at the very end...and I'm not really looking forward to dealing with him, because new characters have not been kind to us in this series, and also new characters are a sign of the series going on for a while yet. (On the plus side, I think he was designed after a pretty hot actor, based on how he said "kudapai" instead of "kudasai", which apparently is something a cute guy celebrity did when he was in Gokusen.)

And speaking of things going on for a while yet, extra episodes. More and more, it seems like the extra episodes are the main story. And oh my goodness, in one of them it looked like they were finally going to put the Hanako nonsense to rest! But of course they didn't, because why would they? Actually it was kind of a weird feeling reading it, like I've hated this joke for so long, I almost didn't want it to go away, because of the natural human fear of change or something? Like, when you get used to things being a certain way, it feels off when it's about to change. I don't know.

So let's talk about what's happening in the main story. Atsushi is actually being kind of hard to read right now. After all this time of "he claims to hate Kaho but...", it's starting to seem like maybe he really did actually hate Kaho, and he just wanted to get her away from his beloved Kanade. My feelings about that are a mixture of, "Huh." and "Ugh." But maybe he really does love Kaho, and maybe there will be a SHOCKING twist in that Kaho and Atsushi end up together instead of Kaho and Kanade. I know the people who are weirded out by the age difference will appreciate that. (In my mind, the relationship can stay innocent until the age difference isn't so creepy, and everything's fine.)

...And I think that about covers what actually happened. Oh wait! Shuugo said that there's actually real backstory, and the preview said they were going to go into it. Maybe this series isn't as superficial as it seems... (I have a hard time believing that, but this volume didn't infuriate me very much, so I'm having a slightly less hard time believing it currently.)

Ummmm...I think that covers it. If the series continues to be less bizarre for bizarreness's sake, it might get to be not annoying again.

And there you have it. Kind of a short review, but it was a short volume.

As for this week's releases, well, first there's First Love Monster. Anime News Network tells us that apparently volume five of Fire Force also came out--we had it listed for next week, but I guess we had it listed wrong, or they decided to release it a week sooner. Anyway, we also have Land of the Lustrous volume two! I hope it proves to be less confusing than volume one! Anyway, I think we'll stick with alphabetical order and review Fire Force 5 next week.

Today I'm thankful for finally having our Kingdom Hearts Orchestra CD, also getting our Si and Am shirts from Uniqlo, Gaston finishing off the edamame Pretz for us (we tried, but there were just so. many. of them), having a good time talking to Farley yesterday, and finding out about Miraikan.
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