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Back to Melissa

Okay, I better finish up Melissa's story or it's never going to happen. (Also, we're just as rushed as usual on Saturdays, and I'm hoping that since I already did the first half, this will take less time than the other things I have on my mind.)

When we last left Melissa, he had just passed out in front of Yui. She called for help, and in this version, this is the first time any of the other gods learned that Melissa wasn't a doll anymore. It doesn't really matter, though, because they're still not really in the story. But Thoth is in it just long enough to say yeah, this guy's not in good shape, maybe you should go see Zeus. So Yui goes to see Zeus, and he tells her all the stuff we know from before--he's a crime against nature and was destined not to live long anyway, but then Yui had to go and overstimulate him by making him fall in love. It's not so bad, though--he's not gonna die, just turn back into a doll. But Yui is horrified, because Melissa wanted so badly to be human and stuff.

She goes back to Melissa, and when he wakes up he basically tells her to keep acting like normal, and blah blah blah stuff. Then all the gods manage to qualify for graduation, so Melissa and Yui take a trip alone to the beach to celebrate. There's a cute scene with Yui going into the water and Melissa being afraid it will make him dissolve, even though he's taken a bath before. And they talk and have a good time and before they know it, the sun is setting and Yui is reminded how little time they have left together and is sad. And Melissa says, you know what, maybe we should just stop dating, because the longer we're together, the harder it will be when we have to separate. But Yui is determined to stay with him as long as she possibly can. I think there was more kissing at this point.

Before long, Melissa is really struggling again, so Yui goes to see Zeus. He says I told you to quit overstimulating him, sheesh, now he's not just gonna turn back into a doll, he's probably gonna die. "What!? Is there any way to save him!?" "Sure. You can go back to your world right now. Like, right now." And then the Thread of Fate shows up. First we had Yui say yeah, okay, that's a good idea. And Zeus says, "Okay, you can go say goodbye to him," and Yui says, "No, I've already made up my mind and I don't want to be shaken," and Zeus is like, "*shrug*", so he waves his magic wand, and just then! The door opens! And it's Melissa! And he's like, "Wait, what are you doing!? No, at least let me say goodbye!" And Yui's like, "Do it, Zeus," and she fades away, back to her world, but before she's teleported completely, Melissa says, "If I'm ever born again...!"

Back in her world, Yui continues her old life as if nothing ever happened, because as far as she can remember, it hasn't. But she's surprised at how assertive she is all of a sudden. Also, she's been having dreams lately about this hunky guy, and they spend time together, and he says, "If I'm ever born again...!" and then she wakes up. One day, she runs into a guy who looks just like that! What! And he recognizes her immediately, and I was like, "Wait, how does that work? He wasn't a god!" Turns out, one of the mythology monologues reveals that after Yui disappeared, Melissa turned to Zeus and said, "We need to talk." So he probably convinced Zeus to make this happen somehow. Anyway, after being confused for a little while, Yui decides to play along with this guy who seems to already know her, and since he must be the dude from her dream, she asks what he was going to say. And he says, "If I'm ever born again, I'll never let you go." Awwwwwwwww. And there may have been some kissing after that, but I don't remember.

In the alternate ending, Yui decides not to go back to her world right now, and not even to go back to her world ever. She's just going to stay in the school forever and ever, even if it ceases to exist after all the gods graduate. And then the door bursts open! And it's Melissa! And he said, "What!? You can't not go back! You've been wanting to go back all this time! It's what you worked so hard for! It's what we both worked so hard for! You have to go back!" And Yui was all, "No! I said I'm staying, and I'm staying!" and Melissa was like, "Nuh-uh!" and Yui was all, "Yuh-huh!" And the power of their convictions created another miracle! And Melissa's not dying anymore. Tadah!

And they're like, "That's great, Melissa's not going to die!" And Zeus was like, "Yeeeeah, but the school is still going to cease to exist, and Yui has sworn to a god that she's not going home (technically based on the wording ("I'm going to stay with Melissa for as long as he needs me!"), she didn't really say that, but whatever), so she's kiiiiind of bound to not go home now, so now neither of you has anywhere to go after this whole thing. So here's what I'm a-gonna do. As my gift to you both, I'll just make you both gods and you can come live in Greek mythology world with me." So they go to Greek Mythology World and live happily ever after. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting extra chores done, candy being on mega sale at the grocery store today, Melissa being one centimeter shorter than Thor (there's a mythology monologue where he's still a doll, and he bumps into Thor and thinks, "Whoa, if I were as big as this guy, I bet I could really help Yui!"), finally getting to see the end of that Elementary two-parter, and getting to start the other side of KamiAso IF.
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