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Another day of busy busy busy

Another day of busy busy busy. It was partly our own fault this time, because I had an orthodontist appointment which actually took relatively little time, but then we went to Target and Joe's Italian Ice instead of straight home to work. As a result, we ended up working rather late tonight. I think we could have avoided that, too, if the book we were working on didn't have to go and have a bonus thing that explained the process behind designing the figure that came with the limited edition of that volume. Ugh. On the bright side, the script turned out to be fairly short, so if we don't end up having to do years of research, the edit might go fairly quickly.

That being the case, even though I have some things I want to say (I came up with a pretty cool analogy for translation, for example), I think it will have to wait.

Today I'm thankful for quick orthodontist appointments, the Monster Mash ice being especially delicious today, actually finishing that episode of Elementary (for part of the day, I kept thinking it must have been a two-parter because we never saw them solve the mystery, and then I remembered that we only watched half of it; the funny thing is, it really did turn out to be a two-parter), also actually finishing the first draft we were working on, and getting to read Melissa's mythology monologues so we'll be ready to start some new storylines next time we have time (lol) for video games.
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