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A special day

Saturday continues its trend of being a day when we don't do our job, so it seems like we should maybe have some extra time, but of course we don't actually. Today the time was taken up doing chores. It was very well spent. Chores had not been done in far too long.

There was also some time spent preparing for choir practice. Stake conference is next month, and the stake president asked us to put together a couple of choir numbers. He had specific song requests, too. The first was Once in Royal David's City, which is an unusual choice for September, but it's a nice song, so who are we to complain? The other one he had a hard time recalling the title, like it was on the tip of his tongue but he was blanking on it. Athena suggested 'Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love, and he said yes that's it, and the other people at our table (this was at the stake Relief Society activity, where we were sitting at tables), were like, "How did you know!?" Here's how we knew: he's spoken in our ward twice now where he's requested that we change the sacrament hymn from whatever was written in the program to that song. We think it's safe to say that's a favorite of his.

Then we watched Elementary while we ate dinner, and after that we got Melissa's final ending. And then we stayed up too late getting almost 100% of his story. So the reporting on that is going to have to wait, for now it is bedtime. Especially because the stake president figured it would be most convenient to have stake choir practice before our ward meets tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to do stake choir numbers, finally having the floors clean, getting all of Melissa's endings, Haagen Dazs being on sale again, and the feline hoard having mostly disbanded. (Okay, they're still a hoard, but they're a lot less aggressive now, either because the neighbors are back, or because they don't like the dry food we've been giving them.)
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