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The dun wannas hit pretty bad today, because we've been working kind of overtime all week with no "me" time, so even though we didn't meet our work quota today, we called it quits at what used to be our regular quitting time. But in our defense, we might have met our quota (or gotten a little closer to it) if we hadn't spent time buying plane tickets. And that wouldn't have taken so long, either, if...okay, so we had decided on dates to go to Japan, and then stuff happened that made us think maybe those dates wouldn't be so good, price-wise. So we picked new dates, and then, kind of by accident, we discovered that, with the sale we were taking advantage of, our original dates would have cost the same. And so buying tickets took extra long because we had to decide if we wanted to go with our original dates or different ones. We settled on dates right between the original and the revised plans.

So yeah, that's official. We are now going to Japan, and if we back out at this point, we will have wasted a lot of money. It's just a liiiiittle bit more nerve-wracking than last time because it's been almost a whole year since then, where as with that trip, we'd been there eight months previously. There's also the matter of Comic-Con, which is a thing that seemed really exciting and then turned out to be pretty meh, so now we're like, "Okay, here we are super stoked to go to Japan, but what if it turns out to be meh!? We won't know what to enjoy in life anymore!!!" At least DisneySea should still be pretty great. If nothing else, Out of Shadowland and Sindbad's Storybook Voyage should still make us happy. I hope. (It's gotten pretty bad.)

We spent tonight playing KamiAso IF, and now we have one more of Melissa's endings. Just one more and his story will be complete!

Today I'm thankful for airfare sales, having official dates for our Japan trip, having one more of Melissa's endings, Page joining us for part of the gaming (she doesn't like to hang out with us in the living room these days, but she made an effort!), and the yummy Freschetta pizza we had for dinner.
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