Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

Full day

Just a quick post today so that I'm not completely forgetting LJ all week. It's been a full day. We did a first draft of Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty, and then we had just enough time to eat dinner and get dressed before the stake Relief Society activity, which was fun but, as usual, went way longer than it should have.

Oh, and inbetween, we fought the feline hoard. Our neighbors who usually share the feeding burden are out of town this week, so we have been tasked with supplying the wet food, so now any time there's any movement near our front door, suddenly there's an explosion of cats! It's actually kind of fun--we open the front door and there's already three extra cats inside. So Athena made sure to feed them before we left, but when we went out to wait for our ride the young one we call Boots followed us and kept meowing and meowing. I love that the kitty talks to us, but it's hard not knowing what the message is. Athena thinks it was, "Can't I go inside and have my own private food dish?" My more charitable interpretation is, "We haven't been getting enough food with the neighbors out of town and you being out of dry food! Please give us more!" So Athena fed them all again when we got back (since we were out of dry food, we ordered a 25 pound bag of Purina).

Today I'm thankful for a lovely Relief Society activity, all the lemony treats, Page having a new favorite spot under our desk, finishing that draft of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty, and having a Freschetta pizza to look forward to tomorrow.
Tags: busyness, church, kitties

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