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Stake picnic

One of these days, we'll be able to manage our time better. We did have a good day today, though, even if we didn't have as much time to goof off as we wanted. First, we had a stake activity for church, where we mostly just sat around and talked with our friend who drove us there.

One guy brought a big chicken rotisserie thingie that rotisseried all the chicken. It was pretty cool to watch until the thought occurred to me that each of the things rotating on that spit was a dead chicken, and then I was sad. Maybe I should be even more sad that we didn't eat any of the chicken, because now their deaths were in vain. Only not really, because plenty of other people ate chicken, and neither of us would have eaten a whole chicken anyway. We opted not to eat the chicken, because, it being rotisserie, it was all still on the bone, and the thought of eating another creature's flesh is disturbing enough without having to rip it off its skeleton as well. In other words, bones are gross.

There's a senior missionary couple in our ward, and the wife of the couple offered to cut it off the bone for us like we were little children, and we would not have been ashamed to take her up on that if we had any appetite for chicken. But we did not, so instead...we ate cake for lunch. And just so we wouldn't be the worst examples ever (there were plenty of children around), we also each took three apple slices. ...That turned out to be not the greatest experience, either, as I was rinsing whole chunks of apple out of my teeth after that. I'm having a hard time with chewing lately.

After the picnic, we had enough time and energy to do a little bit of housecleaning. Not as much cleaning as we needed to do, but more than nothing. And we also took a break to watch some anime, but since there's no new Welcome to the Ballroom (I was afraid that might happen when they gave us two episodes last week), we decided to check our Kabaneri of the Fortress of Iron, and speaking of ripping flesh off of skeletons... Just the part before the opening sequence was pretty bad, and then I saw that it was directed by the same guy as Attack on Titan, and I was like, "Oh. Figures." But since it's on regular Amazon Prime, it has this neat feature where, whenever I pause it, it shows pictures of the cast for the main characters in each scene. So that was cool. The series itself is interesting enough that I want to know how it develops, but so violent I'm not sure I could handle the journey.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at the picnic, getting to try the 7-Up cake (it's good if you just want a good-tasting lemon cake, but not so good if you want a 7-Up cake), getting to try some new anime today, our apartment being slightly cleaner, and there being cake at the picnic.
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