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Staying up late

We had time to watch one and, like, two-thirds of an episode of anime before it was technically bedtime, so naturally we opted to watch two whole episodes, and now here I am staying up even later to update LJ! It occurred to me in retrospect that we could have skipped the second episode of anime and just updated LJ and gone to bed on time and/or had time to eat ice cream, but now here we are.

The anime in question was first, Yokai Apartments, which...well, this episode wasn't so interesting, but it has a lot of good themes, like how if you don't like the way things are, you can change them, and stuff like that. The second anime we watched was Saiyuki Reload Blast, which is kind of driving me crazy, for many reasons, not the least of which being the subtitles. When I talked about the Lost in Translation panel, I forgot to mention my own diplomatic answer, which is that there is no worst translation other than my own, because I hate them all. Not necessarily because they're bad, but because it's not what I would have done (and boy do I have a lot to say about that today! but you're going to have to wait to read about it in our Fire Force 7 review). It's harder with Saiyuki, because it's so near and dear to our hearts.

What's also harder is that anime adaptations so very rarely live up to the original manga, and this is not an exception. I don't think it's bad, just, like, it gives the illusion of being fulfilling, but then you wake up, kind of thing. It doesn't help that this is like the third time they've animated Gaiden, for crying out loud. (Although, to be fair, we never saw the second time, but we did watch the first time at least twice. It's probably like the fifth time the voice actors have done it, because we know they did CD dramas of it at least once.) And the Gaiden story is very important, but also not the most interesting, mainly because the character dynamics are different, and they're not all together bantering all the time. I guess it's time to pull out the manga again! ...If we wouldn't spend all our free time watching anime. We're watching like eight different series this season. *counts* ...If you count Princess Principal.

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch anime this season, a cute phone call from our niece and nephew (who wants to go back to Disneyland so he can meet Tinkerbell again and take her out to dinner), progress sort of maybe picking up on Fire Force today (it's due tomorrow), getting to sleep in this morning (we stayed up late to finish a thing), and reminders of how much we like Saiyuki.
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