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April showers in August

It's raining outside! This is so exciting! I feel like it never rains in the summer! But I know that's not true because it rained around Anime Expo time about two years ago! But that was two whole years ago, so maybe I'm a little justified in still feeling like it never happens. Anyway, we have all our windows open and we're still not planning to close them! That might change if it seems like the wind is blowing such that water start getting in.

Did I have something to talk about today? Life is pretty much work as usual. Oh right! The first chapter of Kigurumi Guardians is available at Kodansha's website, so you can go check it out! But the book doesn't come out for a few weeks, so if you want to wait until you can read more than one chapter, we certainly would not blame you, because this series is so amazing it would be hard to stop after just one chapter!

Also! we got our Your Lie in April necklaces today! Tokyo Otaku Mode does a thing where they make "words necklaces" or something? Basically, they pick a popular series (now they're doing Sword Art Online), pick a couple of symbols for each of the main characters, and make pretty necklaces of them that come with postcards featuring a scene from the...well in the case of Your Lie in April, it's from the manga, but I don't know what it is for Sword Art Online, because I didn't look into it. But anyway, they came with postcards featuring scenes from the manga, with each character saying one of their important lines, and I think that's why they're called words necklaces. Or why I think that's what they're called, anyway.

For Your Lie in April, of course the characters are Kosei and Kaori, and the charms on each necklace are a piano and a pair of glasses, and a violin and a canele. I think they should have gone with a cat, because it's a little more iconic--a canele is basically cylindrical, but Kaori sure did like her canele. Maybe one day we'll try canele... And we had to get both, because...well, because! I might start wearing the Kosei one to church meetings and activities, because a necklace with a piano on it should at least tell people that I'm the one that plays the piano.

You may be wondering why I said "might" start wearing it! Well, the answer to that is simple: I'm not used to wearing jewelry at all! We got some Legend of Zelda inspired jewelry at Anime Expo a couple of years ago, and we've been wearing those to church, but they were only fifteen dollars and obviously made with things we can obtain from a craft store in case something goes wrong. These necklaces are fancy and cost, like, fifty dollars each. (I don't remember exactly.) You can't just wear something like that! (Yes you can; "real" jewelry often costs significantly more than that!)

Also, they came on those pretty postcards, like they were meant to be displayed and not worn. Of course, I really think they were meant to do both, but it's kind of a high hurdle anyway. We'll see how things go.

Today I'm thankful for the rain, getting pretty Your Lie in April necklaces, finishing the extra translation thingie we had to do today, making not terrible progress on Fire Force, and Kigurumi Guardians sneak peeks.
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