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More about Melissa

We finished work early today! Only it feels like we didn't, because we also wrote a review, and then we took some time posting on Facebook. It seems like something that should be so simple, and yet...

We also got Melissa's other fate ending (as opposed to the love endings) last night, so now we can tell you all about it!

Okay, so where did we leave off with this guy? Oh right, birthday. That actually turned out to not be a super big deal--there wasn't even really a scene, just Yui telling us it happened. And then it was back to life as usual. Of course all of the gods are still failing at everything, and Thoth is getting so fed up with everything that he basically comes to class, says, "I'm done with this," and leaves the rest to Yui. And somehow that all leads to a snow day. ...Wait, I seem to remember "snow day" meaning that school gets canceled because there's too much snow for anyone to safely get there. Here in Southern California, where snow is a place, a snow day is a day where you go to visit the snow. And that's what they were going to do!

But for some reason, Yui had to go scout out a venue first. Maybe she just wanted to, I don't know. Melissa went with her because he loves her he wants to make sure she doesn't hurt herself or anything, but he's not happy about it because his constitution doesn't do so well with the cold. He said something about feeling like all the mud inside him would freeze, and Yui was like, "Come on, you're human now!" and he was like, "Uhhh...yeah...old habits, I guess...ha ha..." Also, Zeus may have given him clothes that were only appropriate for Mediterranean climate levels of cold. So he was very uncomfortable, and Yui was like, "This is my thing, you don't have to go to all this trouble. You can go home if you want." And Melissa was like, "But what if something happens to you?" and Yui was like, "Oh come on, nothing's going to happ---aaaahhh!"

Only she didn't scream; we only added it for illustrative purposes. She couldn't scream, because her mouth and lungs were all full of snow. She had taken a wrong step and fallen into a...thing...snow...thing. She fell into the snow, okay? Quick snow? Do you people from the tundra have a word for when you just fall into a pit of snow? Seriously, if you do, let us know. It might come up in a manga someday.

Anyway, the point is, Yui was now buried in snow, but! Melissa, despite his aversion to the cold, risked his life! or his comfort? to save her! Awwwwww. And he took her back to the dorm and nursed her back to health, and the next day the rest of the class all went to the snow and they followed the buddy system.

The next...time anything happened, Thoth had an important announcement to make to the class. They had a new student! Guess who it was! I bet you'll never guess. It's too hard. I mean, there are so many characters it could be, right? Maybe it's a brand new character that we've never seen before! Just kidding, it was Melissa. I mean, obviously. And Yui was like, "Oh, Melissa! You get to be in our class now! How come?" And Melissa was like, "Oh, ha know...because nobody's going to graduate, so Zeus and I figured you could use my help. It has nothing to do with me wanting to spend as much of my time as possible, or live life to the fullest, or anything... What, I'm not dying." And Yui was just happy because everyone in class liked Melissa so much. Incidentally, this was also the first time that anybody else found out that Melissa was human...oid. Melissa was not exactly surreptitious about it, so that was a bit of a surprise.

And Thoth is already done with everybody, so Yui's in charge again, and they end up talking about summer. They decide they should all go on a summer outing! ...but no one has any ideas, so they decide to sleep on it and everybody leaves. Yui noticed that Melissa seemed thoughtful and like he was deliberately not speaking up, so she asked him if he had any ideas, and he said, "Yeah, well I didn't want to make it all about me..." And he suggests they go to see some fireflies. Awwwwww. But they don't know if there even are any fireflies in this world, so Yui and Melissa take a preliminary outing to see if they can find some. I fully expected there to be a still with Yui and Melissa holding a firefly, but there wasn't. They saved the still for the next day, when the whole class got to see the fireflies, and it was the best ever because it had Melissa and Anubis! Huzzah!!

Of course, the class all thought that was a pretty great idea, and Yui thought it was odd that Melissa wasn't running around with everybody; he was just sitting back and watching everyone. She went to talk to him, and he talked about how it's nice that the fireflies all do their best to live their lives--their short, short lives--to the fullest, and I almost expected him to catch a weak one and comment on that one as he watched its light go out, just like Kaori in Your Lie in April. But he didn't. Instead, he started coughing, and Yui was like, "Oh my gosh, are you okay!?" and he's like, "Oh, yeah, I'm just, uh, thirsty. Mm-hm." So she gives him some water, and for the first time she starts to think that maybe there's something wrong. But he won't let her worry about it, so they just enjoy the firefly party and go on home.

The next day, Zeus calls Yui into his office to give her the good news: the firefly event worked its magic and now everybody is miraculously ready to graduate! (They actually made it make sense, like with reflecting on mortality because of the firefly thing or something; I'm just poking a little bit of fun at the formula, that's all.) Yui is ecstatic, and since the firefly thing was Melissa's idea, of course she has to tell him! And Zeus is like, "Yeah, it's too bad about him, isn't it?" And she's like, "What?" He's like, "He didn't tell you? ...Oops." And Yui's like, "No seriously, what?" And Zeus is like, "He's dying. Turns out miracles aren't always all they're cracked up to be." So apparently their wish on a star made Melissa human, but because that goes against the natural order of things, it's not being allowed to happen for very long...or something.

Well, Yui is devastated, and when she goes back to class (where everyone has already heard the news and is celebrating), Melissa can tell there's something wrong. And because he's the best, he very thoughtfully suggests they go somewhere to talk. She lets it all out and gets mad at him for not telling her sooner (she also finds out that he's known for a very long time; shock), and my biggest problem with this scene is that I have a perhaps sadistic fondness for hearing voice actors doing really sad, emotional scenes where they're all crying and stuff, but Yui isn't voiced in the game, and Melissa is very calm. It was still a great scene, though, and it came with a very sweet still of Yui crying on Melissa's shoulder. It was also where they played Melissa's song, which of course still sounded like a typical anisong, because that's what Tomokazu Seki's love sim character songs always sound like. (And in case anyone was wondering, the reason he didn't tell her is that he didn't want to make her cry like this.)

So all they can do is accept his fate, and Yui manages to calm down and come to terms with it, and I think there was something of enjoying what little time they had left together. There was a graduation party with the gods or something? And Melissa mostly just hung back because he didn't have the energy to join in. Later that night, Yui and Melissa sit on a bench and watch the stars, and he tells her about how he's okay with everything that's happening, but his deepest fear is that she'll forget all about him. She promises that she never will, even though she can't guarantee anything, especially because she knows that when the whole thing is over they're going to wipe her memories of the event, but she's going to try to remember! And then, as graduation draws ever nearer...

One morning, Yui wakes up to find that Melissa has disappeared. His blanket was all folded nicely, so he must have gone somewhere, but why would he leave her when they wanted to spend as much time together as possible? She goes out to find him, and of course the first place she checks is Zeus's office.

...And there he is! He's shocked to see her, and he's like, "What are you doing here!? You need to leave!! Now!!" And Zeus is like, "Yeah, you guessed it. He's dying right now. But there is a way to save him." And Yui is like, "Please, anything!" and Melissa is like, "No! Go! Go back to your world and forget all about me!" And if he's telling her to forget all about him when it was the one thing he never wanted her to do, you can guess that the way to save him is for her to give up her life instead.

So Zeus says, "Well? What'll it be?" and the Thread of Fate appears! Dun dun DUN! And this one is really hard, because on the one hand, I've been raised to believe that self-sacrifice is a good, honorable thing to do, but on the other hand, Melissa wants her to live, to the extent that he would give up the thing he wants most to make it happen. And if you think about it, since she was basically his world, if he had to go on living without her, and knowing that it was because of him that she's no longer around, that could be pretty miserable, and it might be a very cruel thing to do. Fortunately, both options are presented in a way that make Yui out to not be selfish (there could be selfishness either way). Also fortunately, we didn't have enough points for both options, so the choice was made for us, and the lower-point option was for Yui to sacrifice herself for Melissa.

First, she asks what will happen to her friends and family, and Zeus says they'll forget all about her, as if she never existed (Melissa: Noooooooo!!!), and since that means they won't suffer for the loss of her, Yui is able to make up her mind to give up her own soul to save Melissa's (Melissa: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!). So she starts to die, and Melissa is frantic to stop it, but Zeus is all, "It's too late! Her strong love for you and powerful desire to save you have changed fate!" And Yui's consciousness fades and fades into nothing...

But then! there's a blinding flash! and Yui is alive again, but now Melissa is dying again. Now his love for her and desire to save her have changed fate! It almost seems like this could go on ad infinitum, but apparently they each only got one chance. So Melissa fades away, and his spirit comes back just long enough to tell Yui to go live a happy life and etc., and his body crumbles into dust, except for the button that he always wore, which Yui takes as a memento.

Graduation comes and goes, and it's time for Yui to go home. She knows she has to forget everything, but she asks if she can keep the button. Zeus points out that once she gets back to her world and has forgotten everything, it will just be an old, dirty button to her, which could result in some pretty heartbreaking developments, but Yui has hope that she won't just throw it away, and she insists on taking it with her.

Back in her world, she reaches into her pocket and asks herself, "What am I doing with this dirty old button?" But then! then! she remembers everything! And she can sense that Melissa is watching over her. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! The end.

Now, as for the other option. Zeus asks Yui if she will sacrifice herself to save Melissa, and she thinks about it and remembers her friends and family back home, and remembers that Melissa wants her to live, and she says no, she will keep her life. And Zeus asks, "Are you sure?" and Yui hesitates, but she says yes she's sure. And Melissa is so happy that Yui will still have a future! And then he dies.

And then Yui's like, "No! Nooooooo!!" And it's kind of a traumatic scene, because she shakes his lifeless body, and his shoulder crumbles to dust and his arm falls off. It was kind of intense. And she cries and cries and cries, and her tears fall onto Melissa's face...I think? Maybe that's another story. But then all these firefly-like lights drifted down, and what was left of Melissa's body started glowing! And the parts that turned to sand turned back into flesh! And his arm was reattached! And he was alive! Huzzah!! Huzzah!! Huzzah!!!

His willingness to sacrifice his own life for Yui's called another miracle that was able to give him a soul again...and now I was worried because we all know how well the miracle turned out the first time. So, like, was he going to die again in another few months? Well, our fears about that were assuaged when Yui and Melissa were given enough time before Yui was sent home to have a touching goodbye scene, and he called her Kusanagi. And she was like, "What?" and he was like, "Kusanagi. That's your name, right?" and she said to the player, "No matter how many times I corrected him, he would never stop calling me Kutanagi," which was a condition that she assumed was caused by the fact that his mud-doll body lacked the motor skills to say Kusanagi. I kind of feel like "Kutanagi" is harder to say, but what do I know? The point is, he can say her name for real now, so he's a human for real now! He's a real boy! Awwwww!

And Zeus has agreed to send Melissa to Yui's world, which is awesome! but maybe not as awesome as it sounds, because they're not exactly going back together, so they don't know if they'll be able to find each other, and they're going to have their memories wiped, so if they did manage to find each other, would they even realize it? All they have are questions and hope, but they hang on to that hope as they go to Yui's world. The end.

And there you have it. So far Melissa's endings have been really good, so we're hoping the love endings are just as good!

Oh! and I forgot to mention yesterday! Hershey's is doing a "taste of America" thing, so each of their signature candy bars is sporting a unique flavor to represent one of the states! We got some honey Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to represent the taste of Georgia, and, because we're Californians, we got the strawberry Kit Kats for the taste of California (no strawberries were harmed in the making of these candy bars). They also had a cherry cheesecake Hershey bar for...Pennsylvania? New York? One of those. And Texas barbecue Payday. And...we feel like there was one from Ohio? ...Okay, the internet tells us there wasn't, but there's coconut almond Hershey Kisses for Hawaii and key lime pie and orange cream pop Twizzlers for Florida. The Hershey bar is for New York. I love this idea so much! Unfortunately, except for the ones we already bought, either we hate the flavor or the candy, so I don't think we'll be trying any more unless they release new state flavors. (Athena would take a bite of someone's BBQ Payday, and I probably would, too, if I weren't so averse to nuts right now.)

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today, finishing the extracurriculars we assigned ourselves, the Flavors of America Hershey candy, Melissa being the best (except for maybe Anubis, but I think Melissa would be a better boyfriend), and having very important plans to sleep in tomorrow.
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