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Motivation was at an all-time low today. ...Okay, maybe not all-time, but it was pretty darn low. We did work anyway, but I think it would have been more productive if we hadn't been so infected with the dun-wannas. There may have been a teeeeeeny bit of self-destructive behavior, in the form of splurging on cake and ice cream when we went grocery shopping, and then watching anime instead of getting right back to work when we got home. But! the grocery store had A&W root beer float cake! How could we not try that? (We had some after dinner. It was quite tasty.)

On the bright side, we're working on a series we love dearly, so at least when we force ourselves to work on it, it's something we like. ...But on the other hand, maybe if we hated it, we wouldn't feel so bad about the dun-wannas. But if we hated our job, we'd have to start looking into getting new ones. But really all we want is a break.

Anyway, that's about all. We got both of Melissa's non-romantic endings in KamiAso IF now, so maybe I'll report about that tomorrow! And then we can go for his romantic endings! Ooooohhh...

Today I'm thankful for A&W root beer float cake, Haagen Dazs being on sale again, more Elementary on Hulu, Akira Ishida's "Urasai" title, and the very funny Urasai that's on Saiyuki Reload Blast this week.
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