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Busyness as usual

Oh yeah, I guess we haven't posted yet today. This is what happens when you realize you have a translation due on Monday and you haven't started it and you're planning to take two days to go to Comic-Con. And then you have to do laundry, so because you're doing a chore, instead of thinking about what other things are on your to-do list you go into "time to watch anime" mode. Oh, but Tsuredure Children is adorable.

Anyway, I don't have much else to say. Today I'm thankful for getting our laundry done, finishing the first draft we were working on, the little kitty that comes bounding over every time we go outside, getting to watch anime, and it not being too outlandish to think we can get this translation done on time.
Tags: busyness, tsuredure children, workaholism

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