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Another midnight post!

Well, I was wrong about Red X, but the Kid Flash♥ did show up, and he even talked! So it's all very happy.

And the latest episodes of Eyeshield 21 came with a little special thingie where the voices of Suzuna, Sena, and Monta go to the Rice Bowl. Sadly, whatever codec we're missing prevented us from being able to really see most of it, but we did notice that Irino-kun was the tallest of the three. We were watching Fafner the other day and marvelling over how tall his character was, since he usually plays these little tiny guys (well, except maybe for Syaoran, but compared to Kurogane and Fay, he's little), but then we realized that Irino-kun probably actually is pretty tall. And now our theory has been confirmed! He looked very cute in his football outfit.

We also found out that apparently we stopped watching Naruto only about three or four episodes before Gaara showed up. I'm not sure how I feel about that, since he's played by our favorite voice actor and all.

And tonight I'm thankful for legible handwriting, voice actor specials, freesia shampoo, Saturday morning schedules that involve two episodes of Danny Phantom, and Teen Titans episodes with the Kid Flash♥
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