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Okay, so I didn't mean to disappear for quite so long, but I maybe should have expected it would happen. Disneyland was a lot of fun, and I do have some things to say about the Guardians of the Galaxy ride (we did not go on it, but I have things to say about it anyway), but we used up too much energy (as usual). First, Gaston showed up Tuesday night, and we went into the park for I don't know why, and stayed until closing. Then we got up early enough to get there before the park opened on Wednesday and stayed until after the fireworks, and then we went to breakfast after sleeping relatively late yesterday. After that, we had to get back to work, and we were just too drained to do anything else.

As for today, we still had to work! And then we had to get ready for Anime Expo, which technically started tonight! But tonight is kind of like a "preview night," and we don't really care as much about that kind of thing, and we didn't book a hotel, so to minimize travel time, we're not going until tomorrow. We think we're all ready now! I hope we are! The costume schedule is Hiyori/Yatori Saturday, Donald/Goofy Monday, and Chip/Dale Tuesday.

And now we need to go to bed so we can get up early tomorrow. Today I'm thankful for meeting our translation quota for this week, having another lovely time at Disneyland, having all our costume pieces ready for Anime Expo, the yummy breakfast we had at the Pancake House yesterday, and Anime Expo starts tomorrow!
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