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No rest for the weary

Back to work today, and back to being unreasonably sleepy by the end of it. We tried not to overwork ourselves today, and I think we even succeeded, but it was hot, so maybe that's where the exhaustion comes from.

We did find out that our window for working on the next chapter of UQ Holder! is going to be right in the middle of Anime Expo, so that's fun. Fortunately, there are only three things we really want to do that day, and two of them are in the morning (and overlapping each other, but we're hoping we can make the most of it anyway). So then we can either just leave and miss the third thing we want to do, which is not as high a priority anyway, or we can see how useful the "industry lounge" is for getting work done on-site (which is supposedly the purpose of the industry lounge). We get tired just thinking about it. If we didn't have two other translations due around the end of AX, we would probably take this whole week off and just sleep. I'm starting to consider the wisdom of sleeping anyway, and working later... I'm not sure I like that.

On the bright side, we're now caught up on Attack on Titan anime. Tadah! Page stayed diligently away while we watched it. I guess she's just not into super violent naked giants running around, I don't know. But when we finished it, we still had about an hour before bedtime (by which I mean, before we check all our computer stuff for the last time before bed), so we turned on Kamigami no Asobi, and mere moments later, there she was to hang out with us. It made me wonder if she's a fan of the KamiAso music.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the first draft of the book we were working on today, finishing Attack on Titan Season 2, not having to figure out how to squeeze UQ Holder! into our pre-AX schedule anyway, Page coming to hang out with us while we played KamiAso, and getting to go to sleep.
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