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Happy Birthday to us!!

I just couldn't keep it in any longer. Yup. Today is our birthday! Both of us, even. We turn 23, which would make us older than Hakkai, except they officially had a one year anniversary in volume 3 of Reload, so now they're all a year older, and we're the same age again. Yay!

Today was pretty nice, even if we did spend it all alone. When Mom called two weeks ago asking if we wanted to go with them to the Grizzlies game that's today, at first we were upset to think that they'd try to take us to a sporting event on our birthday, and that sports again came in and ruined our fun. But then we realized that, since we refused to go to the game (there was no way we would spend our birthday watching sports), we were spared spending our birthday with people who would be bored doing the stuff we like to do. So it's all good.

Anyway, as I'm sure you've figured out, we spent most of our day watching anime. Yay! We made a point of watching FushigiBoshi no Futago-Hime, because it's a magical girl series about twins, and it's adorable!! It's directed by the guy behind Pretear, Oja-Majo Doremi and KaleidoStar. I think it's all about selling jewelry.

And we watched Ueki no Housoku, which I think everyone needs to see, because it's awesome. I'm totally buying the single of the opening theme when it comes out. Or in June, since that's when we'll be able to afford it. Stupid rent. ...okay, not stupid rent, since rent is what allows us to live here. But still.

And we watched Gokudo! It's our guilty pleasure. I love the costumes from it, because they're simple, but pretty. Maybe we'll cosplay Gokudo and Seigi. That would be fun. But since I'm the evil twin, I'd be Gokudo, and I'm not sure if I want people associating me with him. We'll see what happens. It'd also be fun to cosplay the Chingensai Sisters, but there would be wars over who would get to be Gon-Gon.

We heard from a bunch of people, mostly family. We were most surprised to hear from Aurora. And Dad called twice! And our home teacher called. And we got balloons from the apartment management. And we got cards from Grandma. It was kind of weird though, because it never really hit me that Grandpa was gone until we realized that he couldn't sign the cards anymore. We also got a DVD of the funeral, which seems pretty morbid, but we're grateful, because we didn't get to go.

I think it may have been a mistake to play MarioKart Double Dash, because I think it's the tension from that that caused my current headache. Maybe we should have played on 100cc. We got a solid third place... which had been determined since about the 11th race.

And we had pizza and lemonade! And not just any lemonade. Mickey Mouse lemonade from Disneyland. We've had the mix since Christmas; it's about time we actually used it. And then, since Teen Titans and The Justice League were reruns, we watched The Emperor's New Groove. I love that movie. I always watch it and have someone in mind that, to me, was Kuzco, but now I'm like, "Wait! What if I'm Kuzco...?" Because I bet Kuzco would watch it and not realize it was about him either.

So yeah. Today was nice. Tomorrow's when we go to celebrate with Mom and her family. And that's what we're worried about.
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