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A change of pace

We called Dad for Father's Day yesterday and it came up that we're feeling some burnout. He ordered us to have a change of pace, so we went to Disneyland today. We were kind of planning to go anyway, but we weren't sure if it would be a helpful change of pace or a horrible drain of energy. Turns was maybe a little of both? We did check out the "Summer of Heroes" stuff at California Adventure...sort of.

We didn't watch the show because the first one wasn't for another three hours, and we didn't go on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout because nope, so we mostly just looked around and tried the shaved ice. They bill it as shave ice, but when we got to the booth that sells it I loudly declared, "I refuse to call it shave ice, it is shaved ice!" and one of the cast members said, "Thank you!" and another one said, "I don't care what you call it, as long as you eat it." So we determined we might as well shell out five bucks each to try some. The Spider-man flavor had condensed milk, and neither of us could resist that idea, so we both got the same flavor instead of the more reasonable each getting a different flavor to sample. I think Kabukibu! had us shy away from that one, because of the whole jabanero ice cream gag. Anyway, it was half cherry and half blue raspberry and topped with condensed milk, and it was a lovely cold treat but maybe not worth five dollars.

We did check out the gift shop at the exit to the new GoG ride, and I didn't like it. It was all warehousey with some of Starlord's tunes playing in the background, and that's when I realized: this store might be awesome for people who are nostalgic for the '80s, but we liked to go to Disneyland as kids to get away from the '80s. And I think this might also explain why we're not big fans of a lot of the stuff Disney is doing lately. (Incidentally, when the ride was Tower of Terror, the gift shop was done up like a fancy hotel gift shop, and it was lovely.)

We had considered staying for the fireworks, but we barely had enough energy to stay as long as we did (until about four-thirty). So instead we came home and decided it was time to finally finish the first season of Attack on Titan. Then we got hooked and wanted to keep watching forever, but we still have deadlines, so we figure we ought to go to sleep. Because we like sleep.

Oh, I also maybe want to mention that they have a personality quiz to see which superhero quality you have (apparently "the future" is a quality now, rather than a time). I got loyalty for Black Panther and Athena got honor for Captain America, so we're pretty happy with the results. And that reminds me that we also saw Black Widow go around with an armored SHIELD vehicle. I felt like she gave off the wrong vibe; she was wearing the Dreamworks smile and something about her posture seemed off. Athena said her physique was such that she looked like she could be blown away in a strong enough wind...but I think even that would be okay if her posture were such that she looked like she could fight it. She kept saying, "Let so-and-so know; I've got this one under control." And we were like, "Got what under control? You're riding in an armored vehicle in a parade-like fashion." She also had the face of a Snow White actress... (I would just say "Snow White" but the Snow Whites in the park, while all looking very similar, rarely actually look like Snow White.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet up with old friends (we met up with a cast member friend while she was on her break; it was very brief, but it was nice), getting to go on Indiana Jones twice, getting to see Indiana Jones cat (it was so cute, standing on the wooden planks that made up the ceiling; it was mostly doing its own thing, but when I looked up and said hi, it looked down and meowed at me), Attack on Titan Junior High helping us to figure out who all is who in Attack on Titan so we could follow the action better, and Page being super cute on the desk shelves.
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