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We're now waiting to see if Gaston remembers we had plans, or if his other plans end up taking too long, or if we're just going to end up being alone all night, which normally would be fine, but it's really hard to plan around "I think we're supposed to be doing something soon...ish...?" So we're kind of annoyed, and frankly I'm hoping that posting to LiveJournal will set off the cosmic chain of reactions that will result in him calling and us having some certainty in our lives.

There's been kind of a lot of uncertainty going around lately, actually. First of all, there's Anime Expo, which is uncertain because of transportation and the inconvenient fact that the second day of the convention is on Sunday. Makes it difficult to get a hotel for just the three days that aren't Sunday. So we're uncertain about how we're going to get there. Or we were, anyway. We did some research and came up with two potential plans, so there's still a degree of uncertainty, but not nearly as much as before.

Second, there's the Father's Day sacrament meeting tomorrow. Traditionally, the Primary children get up and sing songs to their fathers on that day, but we only have six kids that we can count on to come regularly, and four of them are out of the country. ...Actually they might be arriving back tomorrow, so they might be there, but they wouldn't have practiced, and neither would any of the other kids in the ward whose parents decide to attend tomorrow. These concerns were expressed to the ward music director, who said she would get another musical number to pad the program...and apparently promptly forgot she'd said anything of the sort. So there's some uncertainty about how that's going to turn out. (Athena says it's possible that she (Athena) was delirious and the ward music director never said anything about that at all. She has been very tired lately.)

And finally, there's our plans to maybe take a week off sometime in the nearish future. We looked at our current schedule...and realized there are too many elements to keep track of. We think we have a pretty good handle on our schedule as far as current projects, but since we have a new thing on the horizon, there's some uncertainty about how long that will take, and we did agree to do another simulcast this season (we had been considering turning down a new series because we needed a break, but they gave us another offer we had a hard time refusing; on the bright side, there's no kabuki in this one (which is not to say that we don't like kabuki, but that we don't have the energy or brain power to translate it)). And there are some more uncertain elements, that are so uncertain I can't even talk about them right now. But the point is, we're uncertain.

So! our current strategy is to just make sure not to push ourselves too hard, and relax when we find the opportunity. In the meantime, we did get both of Akira's non-romantic endings in KamiAso, so I was sort of thinking of writing up a report, but then I got to talking about uncertainty, so I'm not so certain I want to do that anymore. Ha, ha, ha. Maybe I'll make that a separate post and do it today, because I'm not doing anything else today, and I don't know when I'd do it otherwise.

Today I'm thankful for the super cute Bananya plush we got in the most recent Yume Twins box (it's weighted, so it always stands up!), getting our San Diego Comic-Con welcome packs ("muda ni gouka" is how we would describe it in Japanese; roughly translated as "needlessly fancy"), finally having sorted through our nmnl products to see what we want to use, remembering to order some tan leggings to wear with our Hiyori & Yatori costumes, and being confident enough in our Japanese skills that not making it to level 9 on DuoLingo's placement test doesn't have us questioning our entire existence.
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