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Why am I Clueless-1?

I love new episodes of Danny Phantom. Although, as Athena points out, there does tend to be a problem in that they only show one or two at a time. Hopefully there will be more.

On Monday, we were watching the first episode with Skulker, and I was really excited to notice when they were in his room and it had a poster of a rocketship and a bunch of model rockets and stuff, because in the first episode, he said he wants to be an astronaut. And then they went into it in this episode! ♥

I actually really like it in these series (Danny Phantom, DN Angel, etc.) when they mention what the main character actually wants to do with his life. Because here you have these kids who suddenly find themselves with superpowers of some sort, and then that's all that they are. So it makes me happy to see that Danny wants to be an astronaut and that Daisuke wants to be an artist, because it shows that they're still them, and not just a superhero. Or I guess in Daisuke's case he's more of a supervillain. Kind of.

Oh! And we also watched a new anime series called Kage kara Mamoru ("to protect from the shadows" or "Mamoru from the shadows"). From the opening sequence it looks like it's going to be a harem comedy, only this one's got ninjas! The two main characters are adorable... though I'm not sure if calling a ninja adorable is a good way to get people to watch... We call everything adorable though. And it's got Atsushi Kisaichi, whom we haven't heard hardly any of, really, but he's in Angelique, so I'm glad we get to hear him now.

And tonight I'm thankful for fictional ninjas, ghostboys, kaitou, pirates, and detectives♥
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