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Missions of Love volume 14

We've just been moving so slow today! We still have some work to do, too, but if we can finish it, we can take the rest of the week off! So we're probably going to do that instead of taking the evening off, because whole days are even better.

And now for Review Rednesday, featuring our favorite underrated series, Missions of Love (volume 14)! Spoiler level: moderately high, but it's not really anything you weren't expecting, right?

This volume had the unfortunate timing to be translated right when we're obsessing over KamiGami no Asobi InFinite, which means we were so busy focusing on the game that we hardly remember what happened in this book. In fact, we're listening to KamiAso music right now, because the playlist we had on while doing our final readthrough of this volume is still going. The really sad thing about it, though, is that even though we read through it so recently that the playlist is still going on, we're both like, "Okay, what happened again?" Part of it, though, is that it's kind of a visual volume, so reading the script only gives you half the story. But anyway, it's a sappy shoujo series, so we love it even if we don't remember it. And Shigure and Akira are both very pretty. (That's another part of the problem. Because we're so into KamiAso right now, our love of Akira is through the roof, while or love of Shigure has been shoved aside, because Akira's voice actor is our favorite KamiAso character and Shigure's voice actor isn't even in the game.)

Okay, so a brief summary. Hisame has brought Yukina to the Kitami summer house to confront Shigure, where Shigure and Yukina both figure out how Yukina feels and Hisame is relieved to find out that Mami is on the rebound. Unfortunately, she cares about Akira more than he reckoned, and he's annoyed that he actually has to put some effort into getting Mami back now. (Not that he ever had her, but he thinks he did.) He turns to Yukina for help, and the plan backfires. The end.

The biggest reveal in this volume is that *GASP!!!* Hisame is actually Dolce! Actually, it was a little more surprising than it would have been if we'd found out before his anti-fiction spiel, because the "novels are stupid" thing did make it seem like maybe he wasn't into them and therefore he couldn't possibly be Dolce. Turns out, they're his way of venting his feelings for Mami. And I'm with Yukina on this one. Just take those ideas from your head, and instead of writing about them on the internet, maybe act on them. The really silly thing about it is that he seems to think the things he writes about--the things he says he's always wanted to do--would never work, so instead he does what he's been doing, and we all know how well that's been going for him. I don't understand how people get it in their heads that doing the nice gestures won't work so they have to be evil and manipulative. (But I do know that people do get that idea in their heads (and for some reason I have an inkling that with some people, it's true), so I don't see this as being unrealistic. Just as Hisame being silly.) Oh, but it was so cute when he tried to confess his love to Mami. If only it hadn't gone horribly, horribly wrong. He has only himself to blame, though.

Anyway, it could also be argued that the biggest reveal in this volume is that *GASP!!!!!* Yukina is in love with Shigure. I consider it to be a smaller reveal, even though it was presented far less subtly, because we all knew that Yukina was in love with Shigure for several volumes now. She was the only one who had no idea, although Shigure wasn't sure after the whole "I'm going to date Akira" debacle. Oh, but those whole two chapters were so very adorable. Especially when Yukina was like, "Shigure, did you see the falling star?" and he was like, "No, I was looking at you." Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww<<<3

But they can't have their happily ever after yet, because there are way too many loose ends! The first of which being that Shigure still doesn't know that he's been a pawn in Yukina's novel-writing all along. I say it's the first, because it's the secret that came thiiiiiis close to being revealed when Yukina dropped her phone in the ocean. She lamented the loss of her works in progress and outlines, and he was like, "Wait, what?" and we were like, "*eats popcorn and stares intently*" and she was like, "Anyway, I need that phone!" and we were like, "......" Oh well. Hopefully he takes it better than Mami did the discovery that Hisame gave her those hairpins. In Mami's case, I think it would be a little more traumatic, because those were the one hope she had that her mother actually cared about her, and I think humans have in their DNA a physiological need for our mothers' love. But in the case of Shigure being used for Yukina's novel, if he found that out, couldn't it be something like, "Oh. Wow, everything makes so much sense now. But you still love me, right?"

The second loose end is Akira, whom Yukina is still technically dating. Poor kid. We always liked him, even before he was played by our beloved favorite voice actor. In fact, at the time we found out our beloved favorite voice actor played him, he wasn't our favorite voice actor, so we were a little sad, but he was in a bunch of CD dramas of a bunch of things we liked at the time, so we were like, "...Figures." And then we came to love him as a voice actor, so now we're very pleased with the casting. But anyway, Akira is so cute with Mami. And Mami is so cute with Akira. I really want them to end up together, but I also want them to be happy, so I'm hoping that Mami's very farfetched plan works out and he ends up falling in love with her. Maybe he'll realize that he loves Yukina as, I don't know, a sister or something. He already said he loves her in a not "we're already related" sort of way, but maybe? Anyway, how often do first loves really work out, am I right?

I wanted to say more about Akira in this volume, because I love him so much. All I got is that, oh my goodness, in the scene with the dog licking ice cream off his face, we translated the line about how the dog was licking him because of the ice cream, and we were like, "Good thing it wasn't chocolate," and then we got to Akira's line about it, and he said, "Good thing it wasn't chocolate," and we were like, "That's just what WE said!" And we felt a connection.

Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have much to say. But I like to see Mami defending him, because I like him, so I like to see people saying good things about him.

And the other loose end is Hisame, of course. It looks like he's switching from Mami to Yukina, but either way, the poor guy is doomed. He has no one to blame but himself. A lot of fluffy shoujo manga tends to have everyone happily matched at the end, so is another girl going to come along, or is this story going to break from tradition and give the villain an unhappy ending? Only time will tell.

Awwww, I like that series. We translated volume fifteen just a couple of weeks ago! And it's still so nice.

This week, we actually have two translations released! Complex Age 5 and Fire Force 4! Check 'em out!

And! AND! Tune in next week, for our review of Noragami 18! Noragami!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!! The most heart-wrenching volume ever (or at least so far)! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

...Okay, back to work.

Today I'm thankful for Tangles coming for a visit and then making it safely back outside, finally having plans to get together with Gaston so we can give him the autographed book we got him (that's part of why we're slow today; long phone calls), getting to look back at Missions of Love, having plans to take at least tomorrow off, and getting to review Noragami next week.
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