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We had just a little bit of time to play KamiAso today, and during that time we did a Mythology Quiz, and we learned something we wish we'd known a long time ago! We found out (we actually sort of knew, but we didn't make the connection before because we knew it in English) that when Izanagi and Izanami were making islands, they used a spear! Don't you understand!? A spear!!! ...Actually more like a halberd. Does that clear it up? No? Of course not, because we didn't realize the significance at the time, so we didn't include it in the note, and it was published ages ago, so who would remember that anyway!?

The word for halberd is "hoko." Hoko is the same word they use in Noragami to describe the position of the hand that shinki use to make borderlines. Now do you see how significant that is? Well, of course if that connection was deliberate, I'm sure we'll have a chance to write a note about it later. It is interesting, though. The shinki use the same(?) thing to create borderlines that Izanagi and Izanami used to create, basically, the world. Or at least Japan, anyway.

Speaking of mythology and islands, there's been a lot of excitement over on Facebook about the new Wonder Woman movie. I think if we hadn't been completely soured to movies in general by now, we'd probably be totally stoked to see it, too. Not on opening weekend, though. We don't do that anymore, especially now that we don't like movies. But anyway, it's gotten me thinking about an old thought from ages ago.

I'll start by telling a story. We took a films class at BYU, and it was a very interesting class and we learned some neat stuff, and the teacher and the TAs were pretty great. But there was one incident that happened in that class that I look back on and wonder. One day, we were in one of the TA classes, and she was showing us a clip don't remember what movie it was. The one about the US president who was single, I think was the premise? Anyway, the professor stopped in for about a minute, and I don't remember what he was there for, but I do remember that just before he left, he asked, "This is a girl movie, isn't it?" The TA admitted sheepishly that it was, and then tried to say, "But it's got this stuff that makes it more important!" I didn't think much of it at the time, but now it makes me sad. I kind of wish she'd just said, "Yes it is. So?"

That may or may not have been the start of my theory about the real reason Disney princesses are so often decried as bad role models. People claim that they give girls the wrong idea about women and how women are supposed to be or something. I would wonder how people could watch these movies and not see how strong and assertive the women in them really are. And then I thought maybe they weren't watching them. I noticed that a lot of the women around me who were the most vocal about the dangers of Disney princesses were women with brothers, women who wanted to fit in with the guys.

So this is my theory: Disney princesses aren't good role models because they aren't in movies that won't be shamed by men. And it seems like to a lot of people, the definition of a strong woman is "a woman that men think is awesome."

Now we have a Wonder Woman movie, and I'm sure it's amazing for people who don't hate movies. But I have to wonder if part of the excitement is that now women have a role model that's acceptable to men. (I'm sure she is awesome. I really liked her in all the Justice League cartoons I saw. I just...sometimes I like the idea of being a girly girl, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that, either.)

I don't know. Maybe I'm way off base. This is the problem with living in a cave (on the other hand, it does make me like Batman).

Today I'm thankful for getting to finish another great volume of Missions of Love, having a little time to play video games, getting to sit with Page during that time, fences full of cats, and having a Pizza Hut coupon just in time for the return of Cheesy Bites Pizza.
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