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Well, work took longer today than planned. It's partly our own fault, because we got a late start, and not even from sleeping in a little like we did yesterday. It was Facebook what done it. Somebody posted a link to 99 (ninety-nine!) animal tweets, and some of them were videos! And we read through the whole thing anyway. The person who posted it said to look at it "if you have time," and we thought maybe we did, since the scripts for this series tend to be short (but we know full well that the length of a script is not always an accurate indication of the time it will take to edit said script). Then we did our morning calisthenics, and YouTube's autoplay function went to PPAP, and that had a link at the end to a Pikotaro video that we hadn't seen yet, and so of course we had to watch that.

And so we had to work even after dinner tonight, because even though we were editing a short script, it was one that made rather clever use of the Japanese language, and the cleverer a bit of dialogue is, the harder it is to convey it accurately in English.

But we have something else I wanted to talk about. We're doing a thing on Facebook called #FriendshipFriday. We like the idea, because we've been thinking about how addictive Facebook is and why. See, you go on to Facebook to connect with your friends, but most of the time, it's just a bunch of political articles, articles about the latest discovery of some ubiquitous thing that will probably kill you, cat videos, and other stuff that may or may not be very interesting or very boring, but is generally not helpful in making meaningful connections with the outside world. I described it to Alice like gambling. You scroll through your feed and you come across one or two things that make you feel like a part of something, and that makes you feel good, so you keep going, but you don't find anything else, so you keep going even more because you know there's good stuff in there, and you get bored, so you keep going to find that interesting stuff, until eventually you have the will power to sign off.

But if the point of Facebook is to connect with your friends, it would be nice if people could post things that help you feel connected instead of like, "Oh hey, yeah, I read that article, too." But then there's the problem with people only posting the good things, so other people are all, "Everyone's life is so awesome except mine!" (We read an article about how psychiatrists need to order their patients with depression to stay off of social media when they're having a downswing.) So instead, we though it would be neat if there was some kind of a trend that had people talking about their lives, but in the context of other people making their lives awesome. It's like gratitude and connecting and happy reminiscing all in one! So we hope it gets to be a popular thing to do.

Today I'm thankful for #FriendshipFriday, finishing our second draft of Land of the Lustrous, our apartment inspection being over with, delicious peach sorbet, and having some time to play KamiAso tonight.
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