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We worked today

I thought maybe I'd post a little bit earlier than right before we go to bed tonight, so maybe I can have something more substantial than "we worked today." I'm not sure if I can, though. Work is really the main event we have going on right now. On the bright side, it's been going smoothly enough that we haven't been having to work all the way until bed time, and we just found out something from Negima that we've been waiting to know for years. On the not so bright side, our schedule has potentially been thwarted.

The plan was to finish both Land of the Lustrous and Missions of Love this week, giving us plenty of time to finish a volume of the talkative mystery series before the original hoped-for deadline. See, when our editor asked us about it, he said, "How about this day?" and we said, "'s looking iffy. How about a few days later?" Things were looking pretty good for finishing it by the first date, but then! our plans were thwarted. Maybe. We might still be okay, but we did lose a day. Why? Because it was time for UQ Holder!.

One of these days, we'll learn to consistently factor simulpubs into our schedule. I think the problem is optimism. Okay, maybe not optimism, but what happens is, when we have these long lists of deadlines, we look at them and go, "Okay, we can finish this one in this many days and that one in that many days..." and then, since the simulpubs aren't on the list, they don't get calculated in, and so our schedules get thwarted. And we're always hopeful that it won't take all day to finish a chapter, but we're always wrong. Ah well.

...I think that's all I have to talk about.

Today I'm thankful for work going relatively well despite not-really-a-surprise surprise assignments, this month's chapter of UQ Holder toning it down after the initial extreme annoyingness, the chapter turning out to be very good after that, the mac and cheese being extra yummy tonight, and it being time to relax.
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