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Surprise visit

I feel like I had something I wanted to talk about today, but I've forgotten it. The sister missionaries stopped by and we invited them in to talk and stuff, so we had a very lovely evening, but now I don't remember what it was I was thinking about earlier.

Let's see...we mostly just worked today. When the missionaries showed up, we were cleaning the kitchen! They're doing apartment inspections on Thursday and they're resealing all the granite counter tops. I don't know if this means real granite or fake granite, because not all the apartments have the same counter tops. Anyway, our counters are fake granite, and if that's what they're resealing, then we need to have everything off of them when they show up. So we were cleaning. And the sister missionaries were so sweet; they offered to help. We almost let them, but we're still nervous about people handling our stuff.

Anyway, the added bonus is that we've been considering getting a bread maker, but we didn't want to do it until we cleaned our kitchen. Now we'll have a clean kitchen, so we just have to worry about whether or not we should spend the money.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely visit from the sister missionaries, finishing our work quota for the day, getting our Ducktales DVDs (oh! maybe that's what I wanted to talk about; but there's not much to say except that it happened), getting a lovely video call from our sister and her children, and also getting our Tokyo Treat and nmnl boxes today.
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