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Happy Memorial Day!

Normally we would have gone up north to visit family today, but we agreed to take over Sharing Time in Primary yesterday before we realized what day we were agreeing to take over on. And that meant we couldn't ask anybody to sub for us for Singing Time because we already were the substitutes! It's just as well, though, because we don't really have the time or energy for traveling. Kinda bummed that we couldn't see the nieces and nephews, though.

Instead, we spent the day work work working, as usual. We crossed a lot of stuff off our list! Sort of. I guess really what we did was work on three or four different things until we got to a good stopping point on each of them. The point is, it was a productive day. And then we watched more Death Parade, which is still simultaneously fascinating and annoying. We also dealt with the existential crisis from Saturday, and I think it's been resolved, so that's good.

Oh, and there was some other news! We had finished all our regular Sunday things yesterday, so we decided to relax to some H2O: Just Add Water. At one point, Athena says, "I hope someone's having a barbecue," because despite all our windows being closed, we were smelling smoke. I looked out the window and saw a giant cloud of the stuff, so that quickly convinced us it wasn't a barbecue. I ran outside to check it out, and I heard some neighbors saying that the firefighters were on their way. A house across the street was on fire, and that's all we know about it. There wasn't a whole lot we could do about it that hadn't been done, so we got ready to evacuate in case it became necessary, and then we went back to watching H2O, because what else were we going to do?

Fortunately, the firetrucks arrived a few minutes later, and by the time the next episode was over, the smoke had dispersed. It still smelled like smoke inside, and even worse outside, but it was much worse for whoever's house was on fire, so we didn't complain after the initial, "Ugh, the smoke." I hope nobody was home.

Today I'm thankful for firefighters, the fire being contained very quickly, getting plenty of work done today, resolving the existential crisis, and having exciting new ice cream flavors to try. And of course, today I would be remiss if I didn't express my gratitude for all the brave men and women who sacrificed so that I can have the freedoms I have.
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