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Alethea & Athena
Primary of visitors 
28th-May-2017 03:16 pm
We had an interesting day at church today. The two active families with the most kids were both out of town, so only one kid from our Primary was here, but! there's some kind of Disneyland family reunion going on, so we still had about fourteen kids...which is about twice as big as our Primary usually is. But one girl had come all the way from Brazil! It was super awesome, but on the other hand, she only spoke Portuguese, so we felt a little bad that she couldn't participate that much. She seemed to enjoy herself, anyway, at least for part of the time.

We had some interesting discussions. I don't even remember why Maui from Moana got brought up in Sunbeams--I think we'd just reached the end of one girl's attention span, and Moana was the next thing on her mind--and then it was my fault that we got into a debate about who was more powerful, Maui or Jesus.

Athena had a lesson on prayer, and it started with a chalkboard drawing of a big mountain, and there was one man on one side, and the man's married son on the other, and the question was how do the father and his son talk to each other? The kids took this as, "How can we get over the mountain?" So they came up with all kinds of ways, riding a bike over the mountain, taking a sled to the top of the mountain and sledding down, tearing down the mountain, building a tunnel through the mountain. So Athena had to say no, they're trying to talk to each other while still being on their own side of the mountain. Then they got really creative. There was a carrier pigeon suggestion (but they didn't know what those are called, so they described it--you send a bird over the mountain, and attach a letter to its leg with a rubber band or something), and one kid suggested sending a drone over the mountain.

Then, because the Primary presidency was also mostly out of town (two out of three of them are the mothers of the majority of our Primary), we had an extra long singing time! We played charades. These kids were not great at charades, but I think actually most people are pretty bad at charades. Charades is a fascinating game to me, but it does take a different kind of thought process to convey a thought without using any words. We should all play it more often. But we had a good time.

Today I'm thankful for the visitor kids being fairly well-behaved, getting to eat some ice cream soup, getting to play charades, the Bambi seed packet we got (even though we have nowhere to plant gloriosa daisies), and getting to try some new mozzarella sticks for dinner tonight.
29th-May-2017 12:00 am (UTC)
You could buy a pot to plant your gloriosa daisies in , and put it out in front of your apartment? A quick google search told me they could be grown in containers... (container plants usually need regular watering, since they dry out faster than the ground.) (btw that "quick google search" wasn't a "why didn't you look it up yourself?" response, just an "i love plants so much and i want to know everything about them and then share what i learn with everyone else!" one :) )

Charades reminded me of a game we did recently with the junior high kids at a church event. Everyone in the circle wrote two nouns, each on its own little slip of paper (except for a couple kids who still didn't understand what nouns are and wrote verbs or a phrase, despite our explanations...), and then we had a big bowl to put them all in. We alternated between two teams and whoever was "it" had a span of time to get their team to guess as many papers as possible, and any that were correctly guessed were removed from the bowl before passing it on: on the first round had to describe the noun without saying it, then once all the papers had been guessed we put them all back and went around again acting them out silently, and finally on the third round we could only say a single word (and no acting) and the rest of the team had to guess the correct noun. Over the course of the game we had to remember what words we could choose from, which I thought was a fun element. ...All this might be a little much for Primary kids. But it made the charades round a bit easier since we had some memory of the words we could guess. Maybe if you came up with a word selection or a theme for them to guess around it would be easier? Or they just need more practice :D
29th-May-2017 01:05 am (UTC)
We thought of that, too, but it's tricky, because the only outdoor space that we have full control of (as long as it doesn't violate the lease agreement; there was a notice that went around one time that said we're not supposed to have wind chimes...?) is our patio, which is shaded. And also full of cats. So we're pretty sure those daisies wouldn't stand much of a chance even if we did have full sunlight. (We also thought about getting a hanging pot to put on the gate or fence, on the outside, so it would get more sun, but cats are still a concern. The neighbors who lived next door before our current neighbors left us a little pot of adorable little succulents which stayed on the fence for a while, until kittens.)

We played that game at a home evening group activity once! It was a lot of fun, but it drove us nuts because one of the girls on our team was so terrified of making mistakes and/or looking silly that when it was her turn to do charades, she would just stand there stunned. And I was like, "Dude, if you're worried about what people will think of you if you mess up or look silly, I can guarantee it's not nearly as bad as what I think of you now." I don't think that badly of her; I was just frustrated. But I did think of her when we watched Out of Shadowland at DisneySea, and Yu said to Mei, "If you never do anything, you'll never fail. But you'll never succeed, either." And I wished I could have told her that.

That game was also what inspired our ongoing opinion that people should play charades more often. Nevertheless, we never play charades.

Anyway, the point was to help them review the words to the songs they're supposed to be learning this year, which made it all the more frustrating, because they would just throw out random things and I'd be like, "We're not even learning that song!" (Naturally, Athena started out by having the kids sing every song that we've learned so far this year.) The words "strength" and "strengthen" came up a lot, so the charader would flex their muscles, and they would keep guessing, "Scripture Power!" and we were like, "NO!!!" (Scripture Power is not a song we're learning this year.)

That's not to say I wasn't amused by it all. And since it was a bunch of kids and they were at least trying, it wasn't nearly as frustrating as the girl who froze up when it was her turn to do charades. It was just a, "Come on, people, can't we learn to use our heads a little better?" kind of thing. And also pretty hilarious.
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