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Thor and anime loot

It's Saturday night and teeeechnically our plans were to be working right now. Or actually, our plans were to be working a few hours ago, but stuff happened, we went out for ice cream, Mom called, we had a notice from our apartment managers about resealing granite counters so we need to get everything off all the counters, inciting an impromptu cleaning session, we had an existential crisis about an oversight we made several months ago that we may need to rectify, etc. etc. So now it's eight-thirty, and we just don't wanna work. It's okay, though. It's a smallish project that we can maybe do during the week if we're not too worn out. And hopefully we won't be, because it still needs to get done! And just on the way to the grocery store, we were talking about how Future Me has a lot of problems these days.

But! we can take care of one of Future Me's concerns right now, by finishing up reporting on Thor's story! Actually, there's not a whole lot to tell. I feel like whoever wrote this one was like, "Wouldn't it be cool if we had a romantic storyline that really was just they become a couple and enjoy each other's company for a while?" So I already talked about Thor's radio program. Athena tells me there was something involving rock-paper-scissors. Right, it was the scene where we thought it was Loki disguised as Thor, but then it turned out not to be. Yui left her dorm and looked over to where Thor is usually standing waiting for her, but he wasn't there! That was odd, so she looked around all confused, and then Thor started laughing, because he was standing somewhere else. It seemed a little suspicious, but maybe the point was just to say, "Hey, calm down, it's not always some giant conflict." And then they had a lot of time before class so...they played rock-paper-scissors for some reason.

Anyway, they decided to go on a date to the snowy fields. And Loki decided to give them another box because it's what he does. You have a few options of things to do in the snow--build a snowman, build an igloo, or have a snowball fight (if you suggest this last one, Thor is like, "Are you serious? You know I could literally destroy you in a snowball fight, right?"). Then they decide to open Loki's box, very cautiously. Thor is very brave about it, telling Yui to hide behind him, just in case. So he opens the box, and out pops...

A sled! Just a regular old sled. And Yui's never been sledding before, so it was a real treat. But then Thor reminded her that, oh yeah, that box came from Loki. It couldn't just have a sled. This is right before they slide down the mountain again, so even though Yui had a blast the first time, now she's all nervous again. And just then...they see a light from the box. Uh-oh!

And then there's a rainbow! Awwwwww. That was so nice of Loki. And it was symbolic and stuff, because the Rainbow Bridge is what connects Asgard to the human world, so it was like the bridge between Yui and Thor. Awwwwwwwww.

And really, that's all that happened. ...Oh wait, there was the scene with their first kiss. I don't actually remember exactly how that went down, because all I remember is the still of Yui sitting on Thor's lap while they kissed, which was risque enough to kind of overshadow everything. The kiss itself, I seem to remember, started innocently enough, but then it moved into face-eating and we kind of lost interest.

Now it's time for graduation, and this time, in a unique twist, you get to tell Thor to his face that you don't want to go to his world with him. (I guess that happened with Dionysus, too. In the first game, it was always Thoth who asked.) But he's happy for you to go back to your family, and of course he goes to find you as usual, and it's very sweet, as usual.

The funny thing is if you tell him you do want to go to the word of Norse mythology with him. He says to Yui, "So I talked it over with Zeus, and he said, if you really want, you can come to my world with me." And you say, "Okay, I'd like that." And his jaw drops, and he's like, "Are you serious? You have, like, a family and stuff, and I kill people." And we're like, "Dude, it was your idea." So even though it was Thor's idea, Yui has to convince him that it's okay for her to go to his world, and she's like, "Yes, I know you kill people, but I want to protect you from your pain," or something like that, and then they go to Asgard. Tadah!

But it's not over yet! As soon as they get there, Odin summons Yui to Valhalla and, since she has sword-training, he decides to make her a Valkyrie. Tadah! But she has to do all this really hard training, and she always comes back all black and blue, and it just tears Thor up inside to see it, but she doesn't mind because she's getting stronger for him. Awwwwww...

And there you have it. In other news, our Loot Anime Crate arrived today! Woohoo! And we're actually pretty pleased with everything. There was an original poster, that had descriptions of all the items on the back. And there was an original keychain, I think they said the character was named Yume. Then there was a t-shirt for Mob Psycho that looks pretty cool, but we haven't seen the series. It's by the creator of One-Punch Man, which we did not care for (but I'm still willing to pick it up again, because the ninja is played by our beloved favorite voice actor), but apparently he's also the creator of Eyeshield 21, which we loved. So we might check it out, someday when we have time lol.

There was also a glow-in-the-dark Death Note mug, which is pretty darn cool, except for the fact that, you know, most of the imagery in Death Note is pretty creepy, so. And a volume of Parasyte manga! The box said there was manga inside (to warn parents about the rating, I guess), so we were like, "Huh, I wonder if it'll be Noragami. That would be funny." But it wasn't, it was Parasyte, which we haven't read, but which our best friend in high school read some of waaaaay back when it was in MixxZine, and he seemed interested in it, so we'll check it out. I think we might make it one of our first translation reviews, you know, when we have time lol.

As for the all-important Noragami item. This was why we ordered the box to begin with, after all. It was.... (drum rolllllllllllll) (build suspense) (be super annoying) It was... A baseball cap! Woohoooooooo! That's not a sarcastic woohoo, by the way, I'm actually a fan of baseball caps. And it's a really cool baseball cap, too! It's black, and it has the eye mark that's on all the ayakashi masks! The description on the back of that poster said it was inspired by Rabo (the anime original character who supposedly knew Yato "back in the day"), and we were like, "You guys don't know anything. That's the ayakashi mask symbol." But they got the hat from Funimation, and if Funimation designed the hat, then they would know where they personally took the inspiration from. Nevertheless, we will wear it knowing its true significance.

We took pictures of it that we'll post to Facebook, probably tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for our loot crate arriving, getting a super cool Noragami baseball cap, the hat looking pretty sweet on Risumaru, getting to have warm cookie sundaes at Baskin Robbins, and Haagen Dazs being on sale at the grocery store.
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