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A short break

We're still work work working away. Sort of. We actually took the night off and played some KamiAso. For more than two hours! It was like a miracle! I need to finish up telling about Thor's stories and then tell about Akira's. But other than that, we were working. We decided to take the night off because we're both starting to feel under the weather again. It's almost like we're working too hard or something.

That's how I realized my real problem with the fact that we seem to have so few translations being released: the question is not "we're working so hard, why do we have so little to show for it?", it's "if these books aren't coming out at all, why are we working so darn hard!?" ...But part of it is because we need the money, so I can't complain about it too much. Not that we're in dire straits or anything, but those dental bills are still kicking us around a little.

Anyway, we got a little bit carried away with the video games, and now we're up past our bedtime, so that's all for tonight. Today I'm thankful for having two whole hours to play video games tonight, meeting our work quota, getting our super soft squishy huggable birthday present to ourselves (it was only about thirty bucks), getting to see Eleanor Audley on Mr. Ed (it's so weird to see her on TV and realize she's a comic actress), and finding my long lost music note pens this very minute.
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