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Sorry; just had to relieve some tension there. This new series is crazy. Aw, I bet you say that about all the new serieses. And I probably do. Well, maybe not +ANIMA (which is next! yay!)

Anyway, this new series is really fun, but there's a ton of text on each page. But, as Athena points out, all the best serieses have a ton of text, at least at the beginning. Two CDs worth and we've only got 16 pages done. Wow. That's depressing. And katte is my new least favorite term to translate.

Still, this series is awesome, and I highly recommend it. Or I will, when I can say what it is. Of course, we only have sixteen pages to judge from so far. It might suck later on. But for now, it's awesome. It seems familiar somehow. I feel like I've read it before, but I know I haven't. Maybe it's from our brief research that we always do before taking on a series we haven't heard of before.
Tags: nosatsu junkie, translating

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