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Alethea & Athena
Tales of Ducks and Heroes 
19th-May-2017 07:56 pm
I've been having a hankering for some good old-fashioned Scrooge McDuck ever since they announced the cast for the Ducktales reboot back whenever it was that they did that. That's probably part of why, when we ran out of Beverly Hillbillies episodes to watch on Hulu, I suggested we watch Mr. Ed--I've known for years that the star of that show was the same guy who voiced Scrooge McDuck in the original Ducktales series, but by the time we knew that, Mr. Ed was off of Nick at Nite, so we couldn't watch it. Well, it turns out Mr. Ed is a jerk, but Wilbur Post (the real star) is adorable, so it's kind of nice.

Then today we heard another casting announcement about the new Ducktales, and we wanted to watch the old Ducktales even more, mostly because reminders about the reboot also remind me of the less than appealing new character designs, and create an even greater longing for what used to be. I'll think back to when Ducktales made its premiere on ABC one Friday night (I think it was a Friday; they usually had the premieres for Saturday morning cartoons on Friday night so the kids would know what channel to turn to), and our whole family gathered around the TV to watch it together. Much later, I thought about how unusual that was, because Dad's a pretty hardcore Loony Tunes fan and seemed to prefer not to watch Disney if he could help it. We have reason to believe, though, that he read the Ducktales comics back when he was a kid, so it's kind of heartwarming to think of Mom and Dad sitting down to watch the new TV version of Dad's beloved(?) childhood comic. I think we all got together to watch the special that introduced Gizmoduck, and the premiere of Darkwing Duck...but that last one might have just been the kids. Anyway, it's something I remember fondly.

And so! when there was a new reminder that Ducktales exists, we finally decided to take action...and order all the DVDs from the Disney Movie Club! Oh man, I'm so excited. And even though Ducktales was on Toon Disney back when we were in college, I still hardly remember anything about the show, so it will be sort of like watching it new! I remember Scrooge being able to defeat his enemies by playing the bagpipes because he was the only one who could stand their music, and I remember being like, "I like it, too!" At the time, it was just because I was a punk kid who wanted to be tough, but I like to think I would still like the bagpipes, because I have a lot of Scottish blood. But of course it's possible that the Ducktales bagpipes are deliberately played rather poorly.

Alas, I do think that even if I had young children, I probably wouldn't be interested in gathering around the TV for the new premiere. I just can't get past those character designs. Why did they have to take something that was so cute and fun and make it so blah?

But never mind that, I remembered my other point. Speaking of things we watched on Toon Disney. Hercules: The Animated Series. We saw some of it when we were in high school and liked it, but alas, it came on at the exact same time as Pokemon. We'd only just recently discovered anime and our love of Japanese voice actors, and the fact that Pokemon didn't dub over Pikachu's Japanese voice made it the winner by a landslide in our books. Disney couldn't have known that they were about to be overtaken by a global phenomenon.

But anyway, the series was played again around the time we graduated college on Toon Disney, and we watched the whole thing. It's a really great show! It takes place in the middle of Herc's training with Phil, so you have to suspend some disbelief because Hades is still a villain and he's not supposed to know that Herc is still alive at this point, but other than that, it's so great. Zeus has decided that Hercules needs an education, so it's basically Hercules and a bunch of other Greek myths going to high school, but he still has no social skills, so even though he's super jock (like, literally), he ends up with the outcasts Icarus and Cassandra. And his teacher's name is Parentheses!!! It's just really clever and has a lot of great jokes for people who know Greek mythology and people who don't! We keep quoting it to Gaston, and whenever we do, we think, "Gosh, we oughtta go to the Disney Movie Club and ask them if they could release that on DVD." And then we always forget.

But now! we were there anyway, and I remembered. So we sent them a quick message, and oh my goodness, they got back to us right away! ...And they said that it's in the vault and there are no plans to release it. Boo. It seemed to be pretty much their form email for whenever anybody sent an email of that type. But! we haven't given up hope! We think if there's a high enough demand for it, they'll be forced to consider releasing it! We need to start coming up with some memes for Facebook or something. Hmmmmm...

Today I'm thankful for getting to order Ducktales on DVD (of course they then suggested Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and Talespin, but we decided to stick with one series at a time), fond memories of watching TV with our family, fond memories of Hercules: The Animated Series, making fairly decent progress on work today, and getting to see Alan Young in Mr. Ed.
20th-May-2017 08:43 pm (UTC)
This is a bit OT, but you never seem to mind The Tales of My Childhood (*g*), so here goes:

First of all, I LOVED Mr. Ed. Not Mr. Ed himself; you're right, he was sort of a jerk. I loved the show, and you're right again! Wilbur is adorable. I liked his wife, too. I know that wives in sitcoms of that time period tended to be a little dim, but I didn't think she was. The fact that Wilbur could hide the fact that Mr. Ed talked (and did all kinds of things) just showed how cute he was, and smart, and I think he actually felt a little bad about not letting Carol in on the secret, although Mr. Ed probably wouldn't have talked to her, and that would have just made him look crazy if he had told her. (I haven't watched it in a LONG time ... was that the idea?)

Also, was Alan Young (Wilbur) the original voice of Scrooge McDuck, or was it whoever it was who voiced Mr. Ed? (I thought Mr. Ed's voice actor was a well-kept Hollywood secret, but on Wikipedia it says it was Allan Lane.)

To be honest, I can't remember what Scrooge McDuck sounded like, and he was one of my favorite characters. I did watch Ducktales, though, I think, sporadically. I was not a child at the time. *g* My daughter was much more into Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers, especially Gadget. In fact, when we went to Disney world when Katie was 8, Gadget was the character she most wanted to see. :)

But, to get to the most important part of Ducktales: Magica de Spell. Oh, my goodness. I never saw her in a cartoon when I was a kid, which was probably a good thing. However, she was in the comic books, and she scared the ever-living life out of me. I mean, she TERRIFIED me. I had nightmares about her. So when I saw her in Ducktales, I told Katie about it, and she thought it was pretty funny that she could still make her grown-up mother shudder every time she came on the screen. In fact, Katie bought me a little Magica figure, which still scared me, but by then in sort of a delicious shivery way, and I still have it. *laughs*

The only other thing from my childhood that scared me ALMOST as much was when the witch in the Wizard of Oz wrote "SURRENDER DOROTHY" in the sky with her broom. Now, other people freak out about the flying monkeys, but that scene was it for me, and I always had to hide my head when I knew it was coming up. Again, it's another one of those things that I now watch with shivery delight. But this was NOTHING compared to my terror of Magica de Spell.

Thanks once again for listening to my rambling. A lot of Disney things just bring back the memories. :)
21st-May-2017 02:09 am (UTC)
Yay for nostalgia! You're right, Carol doesn't come across as dim at all--in fact, in just the first few episodes, she's successfully manipulated him a few times (and thankfully Wilbur does tend to choose her over the stupid horse--not that I think horses shouldn't be treated well, but that Mr. Ed is a jerk and shouldn't get what he wants all the time). And you're right, the idea was that she would think he was crazy if he told her--the main conflict in the first episode is that everyone thinks he's crazy because he believes the horse talks. And Carol is devastated at being the laughingstock of their new neighborhood.

Yes, it was Alan Young who played Scrooge McDuck! And he has such a warm personality for it, it's lovely. He also plays Mr. Flaversham (not sure on the spelling) in The Great Mouse Detective.

I think we liked all the Disney Afternoon shows pretty well, but I kind of get the feeling that at the time, our favorite was Talespin, I think because of Kit Cloudkicker, who was about our age, and Rebecca, who had a pretty voice. We were a lot about pretty back then.

That was also around the time we developed our fondness for voice actors. Our sister told us that Gadget and Babs Bunny were played by the same person, and we were like, "What!? How did you know that!?" and she said something about "inflections," and I was like, "Wha...?" So we started listening more carefully. Despite that, it wasn't until about fifteen years later that we realized the same actress had also been playing Chip all along.

Magica de Spell I think was my favorite villain! Probably because she was the pretty girl. I was a very shallow child. But it's not like I wanted her to win, at least. I think it's cute that she scared you. We always hated anything scary when we were kids, but there were a couple of things that we watched anyway, the number one being Darby O'Gill and the Little People. The Banshee always terrified us, but we loved watching it anyway. Years later, we finally got it on DVD and even as adults, the Banshee was still super scary.

Somehow, we don't have any big memories about The Wizard of Oz, although we did watch it as kids. One of our sisters watched it at least once a day (these days, every kid has their movie that they watch on video or Netflix nonstop, and that was one of hers), so we largely ignored it (by no fault of the movie itself). I think, though, if I had to say, I might remember being scared...actually when the Wizard first showed up.

I have been thinking of watching it again, partly because of watching Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen. I think my biggest memory of The Wizard of Oz is grownups talking about, "You know they originally cast Buddy Ebsen as the Tin Man?" I had no idea who Buddy Ebsen was, but all the grownups seemed to think this was a big deal.

Then when we started watching Beverly Hillbillies, we told Mom and Steve about it, and Steve was all, "Did you know Buddy Ebsen was who they originally cast to be the Tin Man?" And I was like, "Apparently Buddy Ebsen's most famous role is 'not the Tin Man.'"

The first thing we saw him in and were able to actually remember seeing it was Davy Crockett.
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