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My Monster Secret volume 6

Our clock just switched, but for the record, we opened up the window to write this post at 17:17 on 5/17/17. And since there are only twelve months, May is the best one for that to happen in, because twelve plus five is 17. And five-seventeen pm is also 17:17. So lots of seventeens. If seventeen is your lucky number, this is the post for you!

And it's Review Rednesday. So if your lucky number is seventeen and your favorite series is My Monster Secret, then this is definitely the post for you! ...Except that it's volume six. We haven't gotten to volume 17 of...anything we're currently working on, except for Noragami...and that does happen to be the latest volume of Noragami to have been released and, consequently, reviewed. If you're really feeling the seventeen vibe, you can check it out here!

But back to My Monster Secret 6! I'm sorry for overshadowing you with Noragami. It was all the seventeens. And my love of Noragami. Anyway, have a review! Spoiler level: moderate?

It's kind of funny, because I wanted to write about how I have a hard time remembering what happened in this volume, but I do remember writing something similar about the last volume. Apparently the main thing I remember about this series is that I have a hard time remembering it. It might be a timing thing, since this time we were working on the series at the same time we were dealing with taking our cat to the vet as well as dentist appointments on three consecutive days. So we would work on the book and then immediately forget all about it as we faced other issues.

So let's see...the love confession. That's what happened in this volume. That's pretty big stuff. And sometimes I wonder if Nagisa might really be the main character in this series, because there are so many chapters about her. But then we also have the chapters where Akane is obsessing over her cooking, and somehow even though she's a major part of those chapters, she seems to be a background character in them. This series has an off balance, is what I'm saying. Not that there's anything wrong with any of it--the main point is to be entertaining, and the series definitely succeeds at that. It's also pretty good at presenting entire chapters that seem like nothing but filler, except for that one tiny detail that looks like it's going to show up later. ...But I can't remember what any of those details are right now, so maybe that analysis is incorrect. On the other hand, I already mentioned that I have a hard time remembering this series.

Anyway, I still like Nagisa. She's trying so hard to be a good friend. We were afraid when we realized they were having a school festival, because this series has enough text as it is and school festivals have lots of signs. But on the bright side, a lot of the action took place in the same hallway, so all the signs were the same. It was mildly annoying to type them out every time, but at least we didn't have to think too hard about what they said. But back to Nagisa, I do wonder about all of her "technology". Was it really just a shovel?

I like the chapters where Akane messes with Youko, because those seem to get into what we most want to see, which is Youko and Asahi being in love! Also, the way Akane messes with her is pretty hilarious. How did she get Asahi to agree to put the horns on? Athena points out that he's generally a pretty agreeable guy as long as things aren't obviously messed up, so maybe he just didn't see a down side, or maybe she threatened him. Who can say with her?

The chocolate making chapter was the best. On the one hand, I want to know if Rin's chocolate really is devil-slaying, but on the other hand, the mystery is part of what makes it so great. And bringing in Mikan at the end, oh man.

Sorry; this review is kind of a bunch of random thoughts thrown together. It's heartwarming to see Asahi and Mikan and Rin together, and I kind of agree with Asahi on all his thoughts about the rent for the time machine. It probably is on the cheap side, but on the other hand, it's really not a lot of square footage. There was a time when I was like, "Eh, who cares as long as there's room to sleep?" But these days, maybe because we so rarely leave our apartment, I like to have a lot of space. It might also be because we have too much stuff.

I also like how everybody is such good friends with each other. Sometimes it seems like the conflicts arise not because of an antagonist, but because the characters realize that all their individual desires clash and they don't like that. And then there's Shiho, who's just supportive of everybody...which is very nice of her in a sense, but on the other hand may be exacerbating the problem. We'll just say she's optimistic that everything will work out for the best for everybody in the end.

So Asahi didn't really get his chance to tell Youko that he loves her, which makes sense because this series still has at least seven volumes left that I'm aware of, probably more. So it will be nice to hang out with all these characters on their mad-capped adventures for a while longer.

Wow, that review was kind of mixed up. I think it's probably a good idea to have read the book first regardless of spoiler level, because I don't know if it would make any sense otherwise. A lot of vague references to what happened. Sorry, everybody. I hope I did better in the future.

For this week's releases, we have...nothing! Tadah! Seriously, I know I've said this before, but for all the time we've been work work working, you'd think we'd have more releases to show for it. I guess the answer to why we don't can be seen in the fact that I have five more My Monster Secret reviews that I haven't posted, and it's on a three-month release schedule. And this review was written in August of last year. So it seems that, at least for this series, it's a matter of long gestation periods. Or something. I can think of at least one other series that has the same problem.

Anyway. Tune in next week, for our review of In/Spectre 4!

Today I'm thankful for finishing another episode of Kabukibu!, finally being fully registered for Anime Expo, friendly reminders from Comic-Con to change our shipping address, being pretty up-to-date on reviews, and maybe getting to go to a Relief Society activity tonight.
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