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Alethea & Athena
No news is good news 
16th-May-2017 09:38 pm
Today was packed with work again, accompanied by the extra motivation that comes from yet another new Kodansha digital release of a series we wanted to translate. To be fair, we only sort of knew it existed until today, but it's by Ema Toyama, and we really like Missions of Love. We're still pretty sure that the main reason they don't ask us if we're interested...is actually that the digital branch doesn't seem to really know we exist. But we do know that the main branch sometimes has a say in who translates stuff and they probably all think we're busy because, let's face it, we are being crushed.

But I thought this would be a good time to point out an apparent contradiction in our general attitude, because as some of you may know, our other theory as to why they wouldn't think to ask us to translate stuff is that they just don't like us anymore. This may seem to be at odds with a recent statement I made about how we got a million problems and self esteem ain't one. But that statement is true, as well. Why? Because we know that people have different tastes, and just because we think we're the bee's knees doesn't mean anybody else agrees. In fact, it's generally been our experience (especially with food) that what we like tends to be largely disliked by most everybody else. It's not just with food, either. We don't know anybody else who likes the Astro Boy movie, but we thought it was made of pure happiness. Well, you know, except for that cruel tragedy at the beginning. But after that.

So the point is, just like other people's opinions don't dictate what you think is quality food or entertainment, they also don't dictate your worth. So be happy with who you are!

And that was really sappy, so let's change the subject. While working on Waiting for Spring, we ended up having to look up the name of its editor for spelling purposes (on the special thanks page), and we discovered that it was edited by the same person as My Little Monster (who of course is also editing Robico's new series, so that part was a little painful, but). No wonder Waiting for Spring has such a similar vibe! This discovery really showed to me how much an editor can affect the tone of a series (or maybe it's just that editors like manga artists with similar tones?).

This, of course, makes me even more kuyashii that we're not translating Welcome to the Ballroom, but we have only ourselves to blame for that one. It's maddening, too, because the reason we didn't choose it is we thought we'd have to spend a lot of time researching ballroom dance terms, so what did we do instead? Nekogahara. Nice job. (Actually, we chose Nekogahara because it's samurai cats, and how can you not choose samurai cats? I would say the one we picked instead was That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, but technically we did have the option of choosing Welcome to the Ballroom in addition to both of them. And In/Spectre. That was the other one we chose. Which is also very time-consuming. Now I'm betting that Welcome to the Ballroom has a lot of action scenes without a lot of talking...but since it's the same editor as Noragami, and I was just talking about how big an effect the editor has on a series, there's a good chance it wouldn't have been easy to translate, either.)

Anyway. On the bright side, we are translating Waiting for Spring. And all those other things that we really like.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation of Waiting for Spring, getting it done just in time for work to start on Kabukibu, getting to relive the joy of our Noragami reviews, the super awesome video of Kabukibu Rocks singing the ending theme song, and getting the best pencil case ever invented in this month's YumeTwins box.
17th-May-2017 02:03 am (UTC)
Ooh, I'm excited about Waiting for Spring having a similar vibe to My Little Monster~!! I was looking forward to it in a vague way (as in, I was definitely going to pick it up even though I don't know much about it beyond yet beyond "shoujo!"), but that sounds promising :D

Also, I share your opinion that digital doesn't ask you because they don't know you exist/think you're too busy/possibly only feel like paying people beans for their work and don't want to insult you with such treatment (sorry, I'm still a little bitter). Anyway, definitely NOT because of any judgement of your skill as translators, because all the Kodansha (US) editors I've had contact with seem to love your work. And I do too, so there.

A little consolation: I hear tell that Ballroom has panels of crazy charts and competition schedules and stuff to meticulously translate. My brother was telling me of his satisfaction in getting them lettered all just right, and I was congratulating myself on getting out of that one :)

(please do tell us about this world-changing pencil case sometime!!!)
17th-May-2017 09:17 pm (UTC)
Right? All we knew was...well, we won't spoil it for you, but it's one of those ones where it doesn't really have an obvious premise, so all you can do is read a bit of it and see how you feel. Kinda like My Little Monster. But I will tell you (again) that WE feel like it has a My Little Monster vibe.

Haha, thanks! It's true, the digital side of things does pay us less (but still not unsustainable, like some other things we've done). Aww, and thanks for liking our translations!

I'm so contrary, you said it has charts and schedules and I was like, "That's not hard! Just awkward as far as telling people what goes where." And then I remembered how we felt every time we turned a page in Negima or UQ Holder! and saw a map. And I thought, "...Okay, yeah, charts and schedules are bad." (Usually not hard, though. Just super annoying.)

Yes, I should tell about the pencil case!
17th-May-2017 02:22 am (UTC)
I look forward to "waiting for spring" as well.
17th-May-2017 09:17 pm (UTC)
We hope you like it!
17th-May-2017 03:03 am (UTC)
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