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Vile betrayers!

Another day of work work work. That's not true. We had a couple of diversions, not the least of which being a phone call from our nephew, who once again wanted to tell us that Paxton in a Thomas the Tank Engine movie said something that his mother couldn't interpret for us. I think it ended in neo? But we got to spend some time talking with both of them, so that was nice. At one point in the conversation, she informed us that he was nodding, and he said, "I'm not naughty!" Aah, kids. They're cute when they're not doing everything in their power to avoid you making any mention of a Sunday school lesson.

So it was looking a lot like Tangles (the neighborhood cat) had Chosen us and was going to live here as much as she possibly could, but then we betrayed her in a manner most foul last night, so she's not too keen on the idea anymore. She'll still come in and eat Page's food, though. But instead of going to her blanket and sleeping there for hours on end after lunch, she'll beat a hasty retreat back outside.

So what was it we did that was so vile and treacherous? Well, she was showing no sign of wanting to leave last night, so we thought well, if she's going to stay, we want to make sure she knows where the litter box is. So we'll see if she let us pick us up and take her to the litter box, or if our efforts will encourage her to go outside. This worked in the past (by getting her outside; if we'd succeeded in showing her the litter box, we wouldn't have to do it again), so we didn't think much of it.

This time, however, whenever she ran away, it was always to another corner of the apartment. We almost caught her a couple of times, but then she flipped out and started hissing. The grand chase ended when she found her way under a bed, where she stayed until we were asleep and she could safely make her way to the living room where we have the Katty Krate boxes, made just for cats to sleep in. She stayed there until she was hungry, and after she ate, we opened the door in case she was interested. And she was. (I do feel the need to admit that when it seemed obvious that she wasn't interested in going outside last night, I closed the door. We're also trying to keep Little Boy Cat from coming in when we're distracted, since he's reached the age of marking territory and therefore requires supervision.)

On the bright side, I think this means we won't have to figure out how to help with feline labor when Tangles has kittens in the future. We may be reading the situation wrong, but she has gotten very round, and while I like the idea of temporarily having a litter of kittens to enjoy, I don't really feel equipped to properly deal with it.

Today I'm thankful for more adorable phone calls from our nephew, Tangles not cutting all ties with us forever, getting to see Little Boy Cat play with the kittens (he's such a nice, friendly cat, I hate that we can't just let him in whenever), making it halfway through the script we were editing, and getting to see Elly Mae on Mr. Ed (we found out the hard way that Hulu only has the first two seasons (or first season and a half?) of The Beverly Hillbillies, so now we're watching Mr. Ed for the true voice of Scrooge McDuck; the actress who played Elly Mae had a small part in the third episode).
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