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We're in a kind of a weird Limbo week in that we simultaneously think, "eh, it's no problem, we can take it easy," and, "OH NO WE HAVE TO DO ALL THE WORK NOW OR WE'RE GONNA DIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!" This is what happens when we start our week off by doing off-the-wall extracurriculars. But that being the case, we just finished phase one of our weekly project, so instead of getting back to work on something else (phase two always has to wait), we figured we might as well update about Thor.

It'll just hit me, bam! Like lightning!

That quote is actually from The Little Mermaid, but that's sort of Scandinavian, right? Is Denmark Scandinavian? I'm terrible at geography. Does Disney's Little Mermaid count as being Danish? That quote is not in the original, or not in the translation of the original that we read, anyway. But the point is, Thor is the god of thunder, so I wanted to have cut text that was related to that, so.

Anyway, we did get both of Thor's non-romantic endings, as mentioned previously, like a million years ago. I think it was a week, actually. On our birthday. But there's not a whole lot to tell about that. Yui is on the biggest go-home detour of the club's history, and they're all like, "But why hasn't Thor's fetter come off yet?" and then suddenly she gets possessed by an evil spirit who was killed by Thor in the past or something? And so she wakes up and is fighting Thor and trying to cut his arm off, because the evil spirit is all, "Here, I'll help you graduate!" and his fetter is on his arm. Then Thor realizes he really wants to keep Yui safe, so his fetter comes off and he gets his god powers back and he wins the battle and Tadah! And Zeus comes along and is like, "...Well, I guess I'll let you graduate." He doesn't explain why, but he's not too happy about how it all went down. If it doesn't get explained in the romantic endings, we'll be forced to assume that someone was coming up against a cosmic deadline and was like, "Ugh, this is the best I can come up with for now!"

So then all the Norse gods are hanging out and being all BFFs and stuff, and that's when you get to choose which ending you want! You can say, "I just want to be friends forever," or, "I just want to be best friends forever." FFs versus BFFs, you see. So we went with the not so brave ending first, mainly because we didn't have enough brave points to choose the other one. But since it was the day before our birthday, it turned out to be a good thing, because that's the ending where they had a birthday party for Thor. Awwwwww. And Yui accidentally punished everyone by bringing seafood and vegetable spaghetti to the potluck. We're not sure if it's Balder or Loki who hates vegetables more; I think it's Loki since his favorite food is candy, and Balder would hate seafood because it's not red meat, which is his very favorite food of all time (his favorite meal is meat on meat with a side of meat (I made up that part, but I did not make up the part about his favorite flavor of shaved ice being meat; that's disgusting)). And Thor has a fear of long, skinny, snakelike things. (Apparently in this version he's already had his fight with Jormungand, so I'm not sure why he's alive... Maybe he wasn't actually supposed to die. I really don't know that much about Norse mythology. Anyway, it did traumatize him.)

And then Yui gave everybody a friendship bracelet and they all lived happily ever after until graduation.

In the BFF ending, Yui and Thor realize that they loved each other all along, and so they spend the afternoon just enjoying each other's company, and Thor says, "I wish I had realized the meaning of you not having a boyfriend so we could have been a couple when we had the chance," and Yui just cries, and it's sad and I don't remember if there was anything else after that. It was like a week ago, and we've had so much else to pack into our brains since then.

So then we went back to make their wish come true and make a couple out of these crazy kids. So rewind to back when Loki says, "If you really care about me that much, you'll ditch Thor and go on a date with me. Then I'll start actually going to class." Of course, it was all a ruse set up by Loki to hopefully actually clue at least one of them in to the fact that they were obviously crushing on each other, which is why he was so disappointed when we went with him the first time. This time, everybody got what they wanted, because we decided to go with Thor. But Loki could tell that Yui and Thor still didn't get it, so he was like, "This is going to be a looooong trip." (We don't know. It seemed like a metaphor that worked, but then it was a little confusing, because the go-home club does go on trips, so I don't know. But they don't start the go-home club in this version anyway.)

Now that Loki is going to class (he also thinks that it will be amusing to watch the developments between our clueless couple), Thor and Yui decide they don't need to meet after school anymore, because the whole point was to learn more about humans for the sake of Loki who wasn't, but is now, going to class. Fortunately, Yui isn't completely blase about it, and she asks Thor if maybe they could get together to do something. He agrees, and then Yui starts to think that maybe there's something wrong with her, because she can't get him out of her mind. She asks her roommate Melissa about it, and he's like, "Are you seriously asking me this?" She was, so he was like, "You're in love, ya crazy kid!" And then she was just love...for a while. Like almost sickeningly in love, but it mostly stayed at the cute level.

But! she was so busy obsessing about how much she loved Thor that she forget about their date. So Thor asked, "Hey, were we going to get together to do something?" Clearly he's not entirely disinterested, either (although I suspect there was some prodding from Loki). She said, "Oh yeah! Let's go to the beach!" And the significance of that trip is that Thor asked Yui if she believed in eternal love. Her answer was yes and no, and he wasn't too happy about that. But there was a cute scene where he put her on his shoulder so she could see what it was like to be the tallest person around (something he's already used to). It reminds us of the one time we went to Disneyland with Gaston and a couple of other guys, and Athena looked around and said, "Whoa, I just realized that for the first time in a long time, we're the shortest ones in the group." And Han said, "You're welcome."

After they got back, they were confronted with the constant pestering from Zeus about how Thor isn't graduating yet. First it was, "Everyone's graduating but you Norse gods," and then it was, "Everyone's graduating but you, Thor!" And so Thor got all angsty and wanted to be left alone like the other version of the story where he was also being stupid, and Yui was like, "Please let me help! I care about you!" and he was like, "In that case, you really need to leave me alone." Aww, poor little not honest with himself jerkface. Nevertheless, Yui manages to convince him to reluctantly resume their independent human study group.

Meanwhile, Balder and Loki have noticed that there seems to be some kind of problem, and Yui is able to discuss the matter with them. Loki gives her a mysterious box and tells her it's the ultimate secret weapon against Thor, but it can only be used once. Then Thor came back, so Loki and Balder beat a hasty retreat, but not without reminding Yui to definitely give Thor that box.

At their study session, the subject of love comes up again, and Yui makes some comment about Thor being in love, and Thor's like, "......! *blush*" And Yui's like, "Oh my gosh, how could I be so stupid! He's in love with someone in Norse Mythology Land! No wonder he rejected me!" Then things get super awkward, so they end the study session, and Yui gets ready to sit down and have a good cry when she notices someone standing next to her. It's Thor! He came back to make sure she was okay, since things seemed kinda weird when he left. Well of course she's crying because of him, so it's like the worst possible time for him to be supportive, but it was still incredibly sweet, and I really appreciate someone who can pay attention to people like that. He stuck around so she could cry without anybody seeing her behind his enormous bulk.

They had another study session, and now she made it very clear that she was in love with him, so even though he's in love with somebody else, she still wants what's best for him and she's determined to help him graduate. He was like, "Uh, never mind, I'm leaving." And she was at a total loss until she remembered that she had Loki's box! So she gave it to him, all, "Take this before you go!" So he opened it...

And a billion toy snakes popped out! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! And oh my goodness, Thor freaked out! Yui was pretty startled, too, but she still managed to maintain some presence of mind...for all the good it did her. Thor saw the snakes falling on her and grabbed her tight to shield her from the danger. Awwwwwwwwww!!! Once the snakes had settled, Yui said, "It's okay, you can let go now; they're just toys." We seem to remember that she cleaned up the snakes and he grabbed her again, but I'm not sure the exact chain of events. The point is, he was holding her, and she was like, "Uh, Thor, I can't breathe! Could you, like, loosen up a little?" And he was like, "No." Why? Because he loved her all along! Awwwwwwwww♥♥♥

I mean, obviously. But it was still super cute. He had been holding it in because he knew it couldn't last forever, and he's lost loved ones before so he didn't want to go through it again or make her go through it. But the snake incident made him realize that he didn't want to lose her...or something sappy like that. We loved it anyway.

So Yui joked, "Is that why you can't graduate? Because you want to stay here with me forever?" And he was like, "...Maybe." And then his fetter came off, and they were both like, "Well that sucks." Okay, it was more like, "How ironic that the moment I decide to love you after all is the moment our departure is set in stone." Or something that sounded more like how real people talk. Anyway, they decided they wanted to spend all the rest of their time together.

And there's still a whole chapter left! We had time to play through part of it last night. It starts with a secret assignment that Thoth had for Thor, which was like, "What! Dun dun DUN!" But it turned out that Loki had signed Thor up to be president of the broadcast club, so he had to actually do a radio show. It was one of those advice shows, and it was very cute. One listener wrote in with, "I bring misery to all those around me. Can you help me?"

And so far the rest of the chapter has just been Yui and Thor being cute together. I don't have a whole lot else to say. There was one part where Thor was being so super cute that we thought it was actually Loki in disguise, but it turned out not to be, so we were a little consternated. And now the two of them have gone to a snow field to enjoy the scenery, and we will find out the some unspecified time in the future.

Today I'm thankful for the scary things once again turning out to not be so scary, finishing phase one of our weekly project, Thor's adorable love confession, Loki's meddling, and toy snakes.
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