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Today has been very strange and mostly because of our own silly ideas. We wanted to take a picture to send to Adachitoka as a little get-well wish sort of thing, and the staging on it took longer than expected, largely because our internet service provider called and tried very hard to talk me into getting cable. The representative really was trying her best. The whole pitch was based on the idea that if we went with this new promotion, we could get a ton of cable channels for less than what we're paying for internet, Hulu, and Netflix. But I told her we just wanted anime, so she went on a quest to find out what kind of anime we could get, which was especially nice of her because she didn't seem too sure of exactly what kind of channels to look for. I felt bad saying no, but I also know the consequences of saying yes anyway, so I did say no.

And then we finally finished our picture! And it is completely ridiculous! We were like, "Is Sensei going to have any idea what this is?" Boy, I sure hope so. Here, I'll show you:

Neither of us thinks it's immediately apparent, but since there is no such thing as a throwaway gag in Noragami, we're pretty sure at least the people who made the series would be able to figure it out without too much effort, right? I really just think the Tsum doesn't look that much like the ride vehicle (we looked at pictures for reference).

So that and some other things that involved freaking ourselves out over silliness is why we decided to run away and play video games instead of report on Thor's story. I'm really enjoying it, too, so I want to write it here for my own future reference if nothing else. Hopefully we won't forget it all before we finally get to it.

We also have like a ton of work to do that we're not doing, and we're pretty sure that's not the best idea, but I justified it by saying I think this stuffy nose might be more than just allergies. (I really do think that; it's not just an excuse.)

Anyway, we need to go to bed. Today I'm thankful for having a picture that amuses us anyway even though it might not make any sense, finishing our minimum work quota and a little more than that, getting to play more of Thor's story, the ridiculous quest on Kingdom Hearts Union Cross that gets you a ton of medals, and finally using the KamiAso cell phone charms we bought last time we were in Japan.
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