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More birthday goodness

The rest of our birthday was pretty much as laid-back as the beginning of it. We had a couple of people call us as they were on their way to various places, and Dad called when he got off work (apparently the place he works was having some kind of an Earth Day event, so he was working on Sunday) and let us ramble on about Disneyland and Disney and translating and stuff.

After a dinner of yummy Freschetta pizza, we decided to watch a movie, and the last time we watched a movie it was Beauty and the Beast and it had us thinking how nice it would be to watch all (or most) of the Disney movies from the '90s, we just went in order and watched Aladdin. I think Aladdin and Flynn Rider show an interesting contrast of attitudes today vs. attitudes when Aladdin came out. When they made Aladdin, they had to come up with a way to prove that Aladdin was a good person, even though he was a thief, so they have the scene with him helping the kids, and they even have a whole song about how he only steals because it's his only way to get food. (I wondered briefly why he couldn't get a job, but then realized probably nobody would hire him, because he was a known thief. This is another example of how our choices can affect our futures.)

Twenty years later (almost), we have Flynn Rider, who isn't even close to being an honorable thief. I almost wonder if they make him extra sneaky because it makes him cooler. Just the fact that not only was he not the biggest help to his thieving buddies, but he even stole from them. He stole from the closest thing he had to friends. He didn't even help Rapunzel out of any sense of decency; he only started thinking hey maybe this alliance is okay after all after they had a life-threatening experience together. I think that's called a suspension-bridge romance, and, according to the Host Club video game that told us about it, they rarely last.

Anyway. I like Tangled well enough, but it is another example of these movies about people who act like they maybe care about each other, but for at least a good chunk of it only really care about themselves. It's not a trend I'm fond of.

The other observation we made while watching Aladdin is that, when he and Jasmine are hanging out at his pad, he says, "Man, wouldn't it be so awesome to live in the palace?" and Jasmine replies with, "I guess. It's really pretty awful," and then starts saying all this stuff that, if Aladdin hadn't been so insistent on getting his own message out, would have tipped him off to the fact that maybe she's from there. But then they both ended on feeling "trapped." and I guess they were just like, "Oh my gosh, you're The One!" and forgot about everything else briefly until the guards showed up.

So then the next thing is why didn't Jasmine ever ask him, "But aren't you supposed to be dead?" I feel like that could have at least clued people in to Jafar being evil earlier on. But he probably still would have lied about who he really was, cute little insecure rascal. (Actually, last night was a night when I had less sympathy for that kind of insecurity. People put arbitrary values on labels and it drives me nuts.)

Anyway. It was a lovely evening. And today we found out we have a sort of reprieve on the big project that's taking all our time. So we worked on our horror series instead. It was ugh, but these things happen. Then we reevaluated our schedule, and it's still rather intimidating. But we can do it! I think!

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Aladdin, friendly happy birthday phone calls, Easter candy being on deep discount (on Saturday, we got two bags of Reese's Eggs for a buck fifty each!), being that much closer to finishing this horror series, and Keebler's Simply Sandies.
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