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Happy my birthday!

Well, yesterday turned out to be much more adventurous than even we anticipated. I mean, we had plans for a bit of an adventure, but my goodness. We actually originally planned for a fairly big adventure, which would have involved taking public transportation to Los Angeles and going on a shopping spree at Kinokuniya, but after the busyness of the last several weeks, we didn't have the time to build up the necessary energy, and, more importantly, we're still in a situation where it's in our best interests to be frugal (our checks to the government went through this week! yay).

Instead, our friend from church had a tip on a particular food truck that sometimes appears in the area, the significance of which being that its specialty is crepes. Sometimes when she's driving us places, she'll ask if there's anywhere else we want to go, and I said well if somebody knows of a good creperie... She mostly just knew of this food truck, and apparently it was to be appearing in the neighboring town yesterday. And so we were going to go on a petite adventure to have crepes.

Well, as it turns out, we never found the crepe truck. We don't know if it was bad information or misinterpreted information, or if the crepe truck just packed up and left early because of slow business or super good business so they ran out of stuff (we could have gone earlier, but Saturday morning is the only time we have to make up for lost sleep, and we lost sleep going to Disneyland last week). But as a result, we had a nice little drive looking at all the cute houses and trendy shops in the area, and it was really quite lovely.

Athena noticed a place called Ice Bomb that had an ice cream and waffles thing going on, so we figured that was a decent replacement. But oh my goodness, that place was...I don't even know how to describe it. It billed itself as an ice cream place, but it seemed like everything on the menu was trying to be healthy. I'm pretty sure more than half the menu had bananas in it. And the mint ice cream had a slight graininess to it, which I generally just assume means it's low-fat. Fortunately, it had waffles and chocolate syrup so overall it tasted pretty good anyway. Athena wanted to get chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce, but even though it was on the menu, they didn't actually have any. I would use this as further evidence that it was trying to be a healthy ice cream place, except for the fact that they did have marshmallow sauce (or whatever they called it). On the other hand, since the girl who took our order immediately suggested that as a replacement for peanut butter, it would seem that the categorization is based more on lack of healthiness than the types of olfactory benefits you get from each different sauce. Suddenly I'm wondering if people think cravings are based purely on fat and/or calories and not at all on flavor. Anyway, she went with caramel sauce instead, which is a much more logical alternative to peanut butter, even though it, too, serves a different purpose.

After the ice cream, we came home, went to the grocery store, and bought ourselves a birthday balloon. It's our new tradition since last year. But it wasn't until a couple of hours later that the adventures really began.

See, yesterday morning was very windy. So windy, that an enormous tree branch was blown off of its tree and onto a power line. That actually didn't do much in and of itself, but anybody looking at it could see it was not a safe situation. Naturally, the apartment managers called to have somebody get the branch down. So the tree people came and started working on it...and realized that the branch was smoldering, which meant the power line was still active. That's not safe, either. And so the managers had to have the city shut off our power while the tree people took care of the branch.

Now, we had sat down and had a conversation about what we really wanted out of life (you know, it being our birthday and all), and we came to the conclusion that one of our greatest desires currently is to get all of our work done so it's not hanging over our heads not meeting deadlines all the time. And so our original plan for yesterday was to spend the evening working on the big project that's taking up most of our time. With the power out, that wasn't really a feasible option.

We figured it would be a simple matter of turn off the power, chop up the tree branch, and turn the power back on. So we sat down with a couple of books--two copies of one book, actually. We went to a fireside last week, and the speaker handed out free copies of his book, "Mormons Believe...What!?" He's a political pollster, and he's done actual surveys about what people think Mormons believe, so, since he had a nice long list, he took his favorites and wrote responses to all of them. This was a good time to get started on it while we waited for the power to come back.

But then we got tired of reading that book (it's pretty good, but since it starts with some basic stuff, it's a lot of, "Yeah, I know that."), and more importantly, we were hungry. So we made some peanut butter sandwiches, and by then the power still wasn't on, so we decided to get ready to be powerless for the long haul. The sun was still up, so we took advantage of that to read some manga, and when it got too dark, we took advantage of the fact that the PS Vita was fully charged to play some KamiAso IF. We finally got one of Thor's endings! And it was the one where they celebrated his birthday, and it was (the day before) our birthday! So it worked out pretty well.

The power eventually came back on...right before we went to sleep. But that worked out perfectly, too, because there was an event going on in Dragon City, and we were both thiiiiiiis close to qualifying for some rewards, so we had been hoping to play it just a liiiittle bit more. So instead of going to sleep, we both played a little Dragon City, and now we should both qualify for the lowest tier of rewards for that event (Athena might even get the second tier). And that was nice, too.

As for today, we went to church! And they sang to us in Primary. The kids were just as unruly as ever, though. And one of the senior missionaries made us some very pretty homemade cards, with 3D butterfly stickers. Unfortunately, there was no Bread Day today, so we didn't get to take home a free cake. Maybe next week. In the meantime, we still have a canister of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with maple icing, so we'll be enjoying those instead.

Today I'm thankful for another birthday (someone pointed out last week that we're now old enough to run for president!), having things to do while the power was out, getting a break from work as a gift from the universe, getting to finish those laps in the Dragon City race, and our friend taking us out on an adventure yesterday. And the Primary singing to us, and the lovely cards!
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