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Today was not as productive as we'd hoped in the ways that we hoped. Instead, we spent a lot of time on the phone with our sister and nephew, who asked several times during the conversation, "I thought we were gonna call Leafa and Athena!" (Grammatically speaking it isn't a question, but the unspoken completion of the sentiment is, "Why haven't you done that?" so I will stand by my use of the word "ask.") Our sister has cute kids. He also told me his favorite train is Rosie, so he's a feminist, too.

We also had a bit of an interesting incident. We were in the office working when we heard a scratching at the window by our door. We learned a while ago that this is something Tangles (you may remember her; she's one of the neighborhood cats) will do when she really needs food. I'm not sure what causes the desperate need; the neighbors are usually pretty good about keeping all the cats fed, and even when they need some supplements, Athena will leave some out for them. She hadn't demanded our attention in a while, so I figured she must really want it this time.

We opened the door and Athena poured some food out for her...and of course another cat came and started eating from the plate, too. He wasn't crowding her out or anything, but he was clearly making her uncomfortable, to the point where she walked away and let him have all the food. So we opened the door and let her come inside to get some food from Page's bowl.

She ate for a good long while, and then she didn't seem to want to leave. So we closed the door and told her to let us know when she wanted back out. (We've done this with her before, too, so we know she's not afraid to get our attention by meowing (or squeaking), either.) After that, she found a place to get settled, and she's been here ever since. When we went into the living room for dinner and TV, she still seemed a little nervous and unsettled, but by the time we finished Family Home Evening, she had finally managed to relax and seemed to be sleeping peacefully. We stayed out there to play some Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, and she hasn't moved.

I don't know if it's accurate or if I just like to imagine drama, but I think she's stressed out from the male cats coming after her, and maybe it's been a while since she's been able to get any sleep without worrying. I actually saw her climb up a palm tree the other day to get away from one of the tomcats. It was pretty cool to watch, but I can imagine a cat would be under some amount of duress to attempt such a thing, poor girl. We haven't decided yet whether or not to let her stay the night.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to our nephew, finishing our work quota for today (we maybe should have worked a little longer, but it's been an odd day), getting our CD Japan order, visits from old (feline) friends, and getting to work on Kabukibu! early this week.
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