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Not that Thor. The other Thor.

We were going to call it a day, and then we remembered we had one very little project we needed to take care of first. But we have to wait for some software updates, so here we are updating LJ instead. Tadah!

I think it may be about time I start talking about Thor again. Not the one in the new movie that's coming out, although I must say I find him to be more physically attractive. I'm talking about the one in KamiGami no Asobi InFinite.

When we last left off reporting about him, we had just crushed his soul by agreeing to date Loki instead of him. We felt really bad about that, and apparently Loki did, too, because that was one of the shortest dates ever. Loki walked off with Yui, and he was surprised to realize that Thor actually wasn't following him for once, so then he was like, "Oh, I guess you really did choose me. Hm. That's boring. We're done." The end. Yui ends up walking home with Thor and commenting on how the distance between them has grown no farther or shorter.

On the bright side, Loki finally started going to class. Now he had to join a club, and naturally his one and only idea is the go-home club. There's no reasoning with him, so it's decided. He makes Thor the president, and Yui the vice president, and proceeds to take going home very seriously. This makes Yui very sad, because as vice president, she made it her job to keep a log of what the club does every day, and every day, her log says, "Nothing in particular." Thor can see she's unhappy about it, so he talks it over with her, and they decide that maybe, instead of just going home as soon as possible, they could, like, take detours on the way home, and those detours can be their club activities. When they tell Loki about it, of course his ideas are to go as far out of the way as possible, so they have to explain, "Dude, it's just from here to the dorms." And he's like, "Aww, but that's just the quad!" And they're like, "Okay, let's go to the quad." And he's like, "Mwa ha ha," and Thor's like, "I knew it!"

But they go to the quad anyway, and Balder, who was sort of coerced into joining the club but sort of not really a member anyway because he's also on a tennis team and the student council, proceeds to (perhaps deliberately) fall into every single one of the myriad traps Loki had somehow already set up throughout the quad. Loki thought it was pretty awesome at first, but he got bored pretty quickly when he realized that only Balder was falling for the traps. And of course, Balder is immune to all danger, so where's the fun in that?

There are some other club activities, like when Yui and Loki and Thor all go to the river (they decide it's okay to go a little bit out of the way) and talk about Thor's past, and there's some thing about Yui promising to go to this tree Thor found so they can nap in it together, and instead of sleeping, they appreciate the view and bond and stuff.

Meanwhile, there's still no progress toward graduating, and Zeus is very unhappy about it. He demands that they all do an independent study project! And Yui's like, "Great, what should we all do?" and Zeus is like, "Hello, it's an independent study. You figure it out." And Yui was all, "Darn it." But eventually Yui and the go-home club decide to have even more go-home adventures and to print a newspaper about it. In the process of doing this project, all the Norse gods (they get Balder in on it too, of course) grow closer together, and I guess they learn about humans, too, because at the end of it, Tadah!!! Loki and Balder's fetters come off, and they're free to graduate!! Wooooooo!!!

And Thor looks on in dejected angst. He hasn't told his roommates that his fetter has ceased to be voluntary, and he doesn't want them to know. So Yui tries to cheer him up, and he's like, "Just leave me alone, okay!" and she hesitated because she was like, "I don't know if I should..." and he's all, "Then I'll leave." And I was like, "Dude, if you'd been able to figure this out on your own, you would have by now. Stop being a stupid jerk and accept somebody's help, stupid jerk!" But Yui agrees to let him think about it for a while, and a few days later, there has been absolutely no improvement, and Thor is just becoming a giant ball of angst, so she gets fed up with it all and decides to tell Loki all about it anyway. And Loki was like, "Wow, thanks for telling me. I'm gonna go ask him if it's true." And we're like, "Hello! Did you not just hear the part where she wasn't supposed to tell anybody!?"

But it all worked out anyway, because really what Thor needed all along was for a good friend to knock some sense into him. So Loki and Balder helped him realize that their little group needs three wheels, and just because Thor is the third wheel, that doesn't make him any less important. Like a tricycle. I added that last part. Also, the three wheels thing is our interpretation. The real version was Loki being all, "What? You think I can only have one best friend?" This is why Thor has always hated the word "special," because Balder was special to Loki and Loki was special to Balder, but poor little Thor was special to nobody, even though he was friends with Loki before stupid Balder was. But Loki and Balder were like, "We do care about you, silly!" and he was like, "Well, okay then."

So now they're all friends, but Thor still hasn't met the graduation requirements. So! for some reason they decide to let him figure out what he wants to do about it, because that's worked so well in the past, and he came up with the biggest go-home scheme they've ever embarked upon! They go as far as they can inside Zeus's little garden--the beach! And Thor has arranged for all kinds of activities for them to do on their long journey going home. But as of the first night, Thor has yet to lose his fetter... To be continued.

And that's where we are now. There is a possibility that maybe we'll get to the end of this story in the near future, and there's also the possibility that we won't get back to it for a long, long time. We shall see.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that horror book (one more left in the series!), finishing it with plenty of time to work on happier projects, getting to have a yummy Freschetta pizza for dinner, our CD Japan order being on its way, and Page once again being super cute.
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